Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Soap & Glory Haul..

woah, its fair to say I haven't  blogged on here for quite a while .. *slaps wrist*.. that's mainly because I am still settling into my new house and I also have created another blog to document my weight loss journey that I have embarked on, I post on that blog every evening, so that took over from here for a little, but I am back, got lots of posts lined up, and what better way to start, than with a haul.. not just any haul, a Soap & Glory haul.
I have gone a little Soap & Glory mad, well.. its safe to say I am addicted to their products.

This is purely skin and hair care, no cosmetics, I can post that another time..
For one, I just love the fact that all their products are pink, my favourite colour and they really brighten up my make up table.

Foam Call - dual use Shower and Bath Wash
This stuff is gorgeous, it makes my skin feel really soft, I tend to find that some shower gels can make my skin feel rough after its been washed however this one does not. You get loads in the tube, and the pump on the top makes life a whole lot easier because you can't drop it and spray shower gel everywhere. This was £6.50 for 500ml.
Shower Puff.
Theirs not much I can really say about a power puff, I used to hate them, but this one is rather compact and stays together. I use it with the shower wash so that it lathers up a lot. It was pretty cheap, only £3.50
Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Glad Hair Conditioner.
These hated my hair, 100% wouldn't repurchase, they loved my mums, but turned my hair into a frizz ball, looked like I had put my finger in an electric socket.. not attractive. They were £2.50 each for 50ml.

 Dr Spot.
This is my new best friend, I bought it because I needed to buy something else to benefit from the 3 for 2 offer, so I picked it up because I had broken out badly, and I am so glad I did buy this, its fantastic!!! I am not going to say much more because I am going to do a full review on it very soon. This was £8.00 for 15ml.
Peaches and Clean.
This 4 in 1 cleansing milk, first of smells incredible, literally makes your face smell like a fruit bowl, personally I only need one pump of the products so it makes the whole product last longer. Your meant to use it in the evening to take your make up off, however I take my eye make up off first with proper make up remover, and then use the Peaches and Clean to remove my face make up.. and rather naughtily I use it in the morning as a cleanser, because my skin loves it so much. This was £7.00 for 200ml.
Mist You Madly.
I am usually a perfume girl, not a body spray, but this product is an exception, it smells delicious, I happily apply this 3/4 times a day, it has completely taken over from all the perfumes I own at the moment. Its so flowery and fruity, its just so different from the perfumes that our out in the shops at the moment. Its £6.50 for 250ml.
Hand Maid.
Its an antibacterial hand cleanser, perfect for putting in your bag and being able to get out and use whenever you need. You really don't need a lot of this product, a little goes a long way. This was £2.50 for 50ml.

Daily Smooth Body Butter.
I haven't used this a lot yet because I own lots of  body lotion, butters etc, but on the occasions that I have used it, its very creamy, absorbs into the skin nicely, no sitting around waiting for it to dry, and no film like residue is left on your skin afterwards either. This was £2.50 for 50ml
Butter Yourself.
This is the thickest formula for body butter I have ever felt, its so rich and smoothing. I only need a little amount of this products because it spreads so easily over my skin. I can honestly say I prefer this to my Body Shop body butters and I never thought I would say that. This is £10.50 for 300ml.
Scrub 'em and Leave 'em and The Righteous Butter.
I haven't tried either of these yet, because as you may have noticed, I  have a lot of  products to try. The Scrub 'em and Leave 'em is a body buff for the shower, every similar to their Sugar Crush just without the gorgeous smell and The Righteous Butter is another body lotions which isn't so thick. They were both £2.50 for 50ml

Well, anyone else have an addiction to Soap & Glory? or  an addiction to another brand, let me know in the comments.

Rebecca xo

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