Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vintage BirdCage Lamp

I love anything shabby chic and I am going to decorate my new bedroom Shabby Chic, I have got quite a few pieces so far, and the one thing I have been desperate to get my hands on, its a vintage style birdcage, I saw one in Dunelm Mill which was beautiful, however the cream fake flowers inside would get dusty pretty quick and it would of been difficult to clean. So, their me and my mum were, wandering around the home department at Wilkinsons and I spotted the most perfect bed side lamp ever.

 I instantly picked it up, didn't even look at the price and bought it. I believe it was either £18 or £25, I know that's a big gap but I really cant remember and I am not sure where my receipt is. It shines so bright but surprisingly you can hardly see the bulb through all the crystal like beads.


The little birdy on the top is just adorable. If you know of anywhere that sells cute, quirky vintage and/or shabby chic pieces, then please let me know.. I love to get more :)

Rebecca xo

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