Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Favourites

I have never done a monthly favorites post before or even a favorites post, but this month their has been quite a few products that I have been really really loving and I thought that it would be a perfect reason to do my first favorites.

Skin Care:
1) Neutrogena, Visibly Clear, Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion.
I don't really suffer a lot with blackheads however when they do decide to appear on my nose, then hundred of them appear at once and attack my nose, so I decided to finally do something about it, I vaguely new about this product from it's adverts on the telly, so I went searching for it in Boots, they sell the cleansing lotion and a face scrub, now I don't use face scrubs purely because I forget that their in the bathroom and I end up not using them, so it becomes a waste, so  I got the cleansing lotion. It has been FANTASTIC! It completely cleared up my blackheads, and it has kept them at bay, I apply it morning and night, just to my nose, it says you can apply it to your whole face and neck but I did that a few times and it made my eyes water and sting because its quite a strong product. I 100% recommend this product because it did exactly what it said it would and didn't cause me to break out.
 - £3.99 for 200ml from Boots, and because you don't need a lot, it lasts a long time.

2) Nivea, Daily Essentials, Rich Regenerating, Night Cream.
I only bought this because I love the day cream, and was applying the day cream at night, as well as the morning and I was going through the product way to quickly. I got the one for dry and sensitive skin, I don't have dry skin but I do have sensitive skin, and this night cream makes my face feel so moisterised before bed that personally it makes me feel refreshed before I go to bed, it just reminds me that all my make up is off and my skin is clean.
- £4.35 for 50ml from Boots, I get this when its on buy one get one free.

3) Nivea, Daily Essentials, Refreshing Toner.
I fancied a change, I have used Simple's toner for years, and I think my skin just got bored of it, so I switched to this, I went for Nivea because they are a skincare company which always have good reviews. I use this toner morning and night, just apply it all over my face, and I can confirm it is refreshing. It's always cold, so for me wakes my face up in the morning. Its soft on my skin, didn't cause me to break out, and left my skin feeling nice, not as if I still had a layer of product on my face, which it what my Simple one started to do.
- £3.59 for 200ml from Boots, I am going to repurchase this when it's on offer, so I have a spare.

Make Up:
1) Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart. I own quite a few of the lip butters, but at the moment this colour is my favourite, I put it on straight after I have done my make up and before I do my hair, so that I have a full face of make up before I style my hair. I have also found that this colour goes perfectly with my bright blonde hair. Revlon lip butters are so nourishing, creamy and transfer quite a lot of colour, and I have also found that they colour doesn't where off straight away.
- £7.99 from Boots, and I have just seen that they have recently brought out some new colours :)

2) Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in the shade Buff. I struggle with foundation, I think I have found the perfect colour match, and then at some point, it will make me look orange, which is why I switched to Garnier BB Cream, which gives my skin a perfect glow but not enough coverage. I have heard a lot about this foundation, so I decided to give it ago, I matched myself to the second lightest shade and I have used it for about 2 weeks now and it has been amazing, the coverage is fantastic it lasts all day, doesn't cake on my skin and I only have to use a small amount. 
- £12.49 for 30ml from Boots, it's slightly pricey but it does everything it says it would.

3) Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Light. I bought this because it was next to the foundation, and it is actually beating Collections lasting perfection concealer for me at the moment, its a cream texture, covers all my blemishes, blends really well into my skin, and isn't visible on my skin after all my foundation has worn off (like my lasting perfection) I went for the shade Light because the Light/Medium was slightly orange on my skin after I had blended it in.
- £6.49 from Boots, will repurchase this when it's the 3 for 2 event.

4) Revlon Photo Ready Face Powder in Light/Medium. I am a massive face powder fan, I have a large pot of translucent powder, and was going through it too quickly so I got the powder when it was 3 for 2. I know the foundation is colour stay and the powder is photo ready but they work brilliantly together, it sets my foundation perfectly, doesn't remove the foundation whilst I am brushing it onto my face. I wanted to get the shade Light but the Boots I went to was out of stock of it, but I actually prefer the Light/Medium because it means I don't have to wear bronzer.
- £11.29 for 7g from Boots, definitely my new favourite powder.

Soap & Glory

1) Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body spray, I got this from my parents at Christmas, but where we were moving house, it went straight into a box, and I forgot about it until last week when I found it again. I have literally fallen in love with this scent. Its so sweet and floral, I have worn it every single day for the last week. It is so nice that my mum has gone and bought herself one.
- £6.50 for 200ml from Boots.

2) Soap & Glory Dr Spot. I bought this because it was 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory and I didn't fancy anything else, and I have suffered with spots lately, and this product has been amazing, its a clear gel, that you put on where-ever and whenever you feel a spot and it reduces redness and clears them up. It definitely reduces redness, I put it on a night and my spots where less prominent in the morning, I think it actually pro-longed the time the spots were on my skin but they have cleared up and no pain, whereas if I would have popped them, I could of had a scab or mark for ages but the spot would of been gone quicker. So in the long run, I'd prefer to use Dr Spot than popping spots.
- £8.00 for 15ml from Boots.

3) Soap & Glory Love at First Blush, blushing powder. I have worn this for months and months. It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It lasts for a long time, you don't have to apply loads, it's rather pigmented and once on your cheeks, it has a slight shimmer which in the sun looks so pretty.
- £11.00 for 7.5g from Boots.

That's all my favourites at the moment, what's yours?

Rebecca xo

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