Thursday, 14 February 2013

Who needs a boyfriend on Valentines when you find gorgeous shoes for only £4.99

Seeing as its valentines day, it seems appropriate to do a post on love, however this kind of love, is the kind you get you find an amazing pair of shoes, that just so happen to have 75% off and have the right size, that actually fit.
Where I live we dont actually have many shops that are purely just for shoes, they all got closed down during the recession, so its on Clarks, and I can't say that I shop in there, however we now have a new shop called Deichmann which I had never heard of at all, today me and my mum took a wander in their and they have the most gorgeous shoes, for really affordable prices. The shoes are good quality as well, which makes it even better, and they also amazing handbags in there, the sort of handbags that if you went to TopShop they would be £75 but instead in Deichmann their £12.99.. I know, just insane.. 

Aren't they just beautiful..
I don't know why they had 75% off, they were in perfect condition, I think it was because it was their opening week and they were promoting many different styles that they sell. It did take me a while actually believe that they were £4.99 considering originally they are £19.99, but they went through the till as £.499. These shoes have got to be my bargain of the year

 I know I have posted a lot of photos of this one pair of shoes, but they are so gorgeous, and I just love the fact they are £4.99. If you have a Deichmann shop near you I really would suggest taking a look because they have such amazing deals on amazing shoes, or you could look on their website, just click here.

Whats your favourite shoes? Found any bargains like this one recently, I would love to know.

Rebecca xo

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  1. I can't believe, that this shoes costed you 4.99! What a bargain)