Friday, 1 February 2013

TopShop Jewellery Bargains :)

For my 18th Birthday last August, my friend very kindly got me a £50 topshop voucher, I had already spent £38 on a studded handbag which is gorgeous but I still had £12 left, which has just been sitting in my purse since August, so I decide to take a trip into topshop, and I found so many bargains, for my £12, I got 10 different things, and only had to put an extra £2 to the balance to pay, which I thought was pretty good.

Rose Gold Studded Bracelet £1.50
Gold Ring With Arrows - £.150
Gold Nail Ring - £1.50
Pack of Four Bracelets - £1.50
Bracelet with Ring Attached - £.150
Gold Hope with Crosses Earrings - £.150

Then, my mum suddenly called over to me in the store to say "Becky, look at these, its so cute and only £7, you have to buy it." I turned around to see the most cutest PJs so yes I had to buy them, and even better when I got to the till, they were only £5, complete bargain.

I love finding bargains, and I was so pleased with these ones from Topshop, have you got any bargains recently? Let me know, i'd love to see them.

Rebecca xo

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    1. Thank you :) will check our your blog now xo

  2. The earrings are my favourite I love the little crossses :) Been to Topshop today and found some cute pieces but didn't look in the accessory section completely forgot :(

    1. Aww bless you, they had so much in their accessories sale, maybe have a look online, they may still be available :) xo

  3. Hello from a new follower, can we follow each other?)I love everything, great bargains!!)

    1. Hello, just checked out your blog, love it :) you have a new follower :) x