Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTE - Valentines Day 'Night'

I know its a couple of days after Valentines Day, but I was waiting on the club I went to, to upload their photos because I had one taken and I wanted to include it in this post.
So, I am single, so Valentines Day for me consisted of, doing a little bit of shopping in town and then coming home and spending hours and hours getting ready for a night out in town with one of my closest friends. I usually have a mare at picking an outfit when I go out, whatever I originally decide is never what I actually go out into town in, but hey ho, that's just me.

First Outfit:
 I know the photo on the left is a little grainy but I took it, then cleaned my camera lens and then I didn't like the rest of the photos, so I have included the grainy one.
My dress is brand new, I actually bought it during my Valentines Day shopping trip, its from River Island, it was £35.00 and it is such a vibrant coral/orange. I absolutely love it, it's different to the styles of dresses I usually buy, for me I don't think skater dresses suit me, but this one it did. I have found it on the River Island website if you wanted to take a look, just click here.

Second Outfit:
 After staring in the mirror for a long time, I started to talk myself out of wearing the orange dress, mainly because it was my first time wearing it out, and I didn't feel that confident, I think I need to wear it on a night out, where I know I won't be out until 3am so that I have the time to feel confident in it. So, I tried on my black dress from H&M, now this picture doesn't do this dress justice, it looks as if its just a plain black dress, where actually the back top half is all lace, now I own this dress in black and in red, I bought both because it was only £14.99 and it suits my body shape perfectly. 
 If you click here, it will take you to the H&M website to see the dress in more detail.

Eventually I decided on wearing my black H&M dress, and I just teamed it with a casual loose fitting blazer, black wedge heels and a necklace to add some colour.

(courtesy of Vodka Revolution)
We had a fantastic night out, met up with plenty of friends, and drank slightly too much, but the atmosphere out in town was really good, everyone was in such a good mood and for once their was NO fights, which does make a change, so I really enjoyed myself.
Then, to my surprise when I got home at around 3.30am, their was a single red rose and a card for me, on my doorstep, which was really sweet, and for some reason I decided to take a drunken photo with my rose, which shockingly actually looks quite arty, so I happily uploaded it to Instagram :)

So, that was my valentines, how was yours?

Rebecca xo

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  1. You looked gorgeous, your make-up looked lovely!! Have to say that orange dress is stunning too x

    1. Awww, thank you, that's so sweet of you :) xo

  2. The black dress us gorgeous, what a bargain!

    I love the necklinr of the orange one too, it's lovely.

    Kimberley x

  3. The black dress is really nice. cant go wrong with that colour :)