Monday, 25 February 2013

My Immune System Sucks.

Woah, I haven't blogged for over a week, crazy, well, I have NOT been well at all, I had struck down with the flu, and February makes the sixth month in a row that I have been ill and have had to take time off work. Now I hate being ill, just hate it, the idea of being stuck in bed or on the sofa for ages just ergh, annoys me. I started feeling ill last Saturday morning, and I just got worse throughout the day, Sunday I spent all day on the sofa, I braved work on Monday but got sent home after an hour and a half and then ended up spending all week on the sofa, because I literally couldn't move, I was so ill. It is only today that I have felt 100% better, over a week on. I usually well for the past sixth months, have got tonsillitis, but this time it was the flu. I have had numerous blood tests at the doctors to see if everythings working, and it is, I was classed completely normal (others would debate this), I was negative for Glandular Fever, so I literally just have a rubbish immune system. 
Now, as you know I am off to Borneo in September, if you didn't know click here to see the blog post on it, I am off to work with the Orangutans for two weeks, and well I cannot afford to have this rubbish so called immune system them, I know I have to have 8/9 vaccinations before I go but I still need to build up my immune system to prevent me catching anything, not just in Boreo but in day to day life. 
I already want to lose weight, and am starting eating healthy and exercising, but I am going to just altogether cut out the crap, putting it bluntly, I have done this before when I wanted to lose weight and for me it works. I literally just don't eat the chocolate, sweets, pizza and all junk food. I find if its not in the house, then I don't want it. Where at the moment I have moving house, so everything's in boxes and my life is kind of up in the air, feel like I am lodging in my own home, as we could get told any day that we are moving, so its all slightly hetic, which makes having a set routine very very hard, but as soon as I am all moved in, it will be a hell of a lot easier to get into a routine, sort my eating out, get daily exercise going, and actually feel settled and relaxed. 

Healthy things I am going to to try are:
Hot water with fresh slice of lemon first thing in the morning.
I am joining Slimming World with my mum, as where we are moving, the local meeting place is literally 5 mins from my house, so that will encourage me to actually go.
Obviously cutting out the junk food.
Drinking less alcohol.
Making more homemade food, so that I know what goes into my food and nothings hidden.
Actually have at least 3 of my five fruit and veg a day.

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They are just what I am going to do for starters, if you have any recommendations then please let me know. I am all ears, and the more I can find out and try the better :)      

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