Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I'm off to Borneo, to work with ORANGUTANS!

Now, this is nothing to do with beauty or fashion, but about the trip that is going to change my life, I am off to Borneo in Malaysia for two weeks, by MYSELF, to help out at the orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation centres. I will also be trekking through the jungle, during the day and night, seeing all the wildlife, I visit three different national parks, and I actually stay in the national parks, I see the local tribes, their culture and their way of live. 
It is going to be single handedly the BEST experience of my life!
 Working with Orangutans is something I have wanted to do for years and years, ever since I used to watch Monkey Island and The Orangutan Sanctuary on the TV, and I always said when I'm 18, I am going to go there, help, work hard and be part of making their lives better and now I am, I never thought I would get this opportunity and now I do.
I saw a deal on wowcher where their was 36%  off for a limited time offer, I spoke to my parents, did a lot of research and them boom! it was booked. 
They run this particular trip that I am going on from the 3rd-16th of each month, every month, so now I just pick which month I want to go and I have until December 2014 to complete the two weeks, I would love to be able to go May this year, but their is no way I could get the time off work, and it would all be a little rushed, because I am moving house at the end of this month, I am going on a cruise in July and I wanted to build up my strength and fitness, and I don't feel I would be able to do that before May, so I am going to book to go either April or May 2014, so I have a whole year to build up my fitness to survive the jungle, tone up my stomach, save up a nice amount of money, buy a new high tech camera to capture all the amazing memories and it gives me something to really look forward to, instead of rushing into this experience. 
 The company that runs these trips and tours is The Great Projects, they are a great company that dedicate themselves to helping many different animals in many different countries, to be honest, I have already seen a few more volunteering trips that I want to go on after this one :)
My parents have said this trip is going to be the making of me, and that I'll go on it, and as soon as I get back I will start saving for my next trip and I do believe that shall be the case. 

✿ Day 1 - When I arrive in Borneo I am taken to the Basaga Guest House where I will be involved in a meet and greet with all the others that are doing the same trip as me and then I have dinner and rest as the flight to Kuching, in Borneo is around 14hours, 12 hours to Kuala Lumpar and then another 2 hour flight to Kuching.
✿ Day 2/3 - I go to the Matang Wildlife Centre where I meet all the amazing animals (including the Orangutans) The next day I work behind the scenes with every day tasks, like feeding the animals, cleaning the enclosures and helping towards to enrichment of the animals,
✿ Day 4/5 - I travel to the Bako National Park by a boat where I set up in a chalet that's based in Sarawak's Oldest National Park. Whilst here I get to do jungle trekking at night, go to the gorgeous sandy beaches thats backdrops are the rainforest.
✿ Day 6 - I move to the Damai beach where I spend the night at the Permai Rainforest Resort.
✿ Day 7 - I visit the tribes of Borneo, the Sarawak cultural village, I get to see the uniqueness of the lives inside the rainforest, see their crafts, dances and traditions.
✿ Day 8 - I go to the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre and get to sit in on feeding time with the semi wild orangutans at that centre. I then go to the Batang Ai National Park, when I get to the mountainous borders of Indonesia I travel back on traditional longboats through the tropical rainforest and then spend the evening in the garden with the many semi wild orangutans.
✿ Day 9/12 - At the Batang Ai rainforest I get to take part in many activities such as: walks into surrounding rainforests in search of orangutans, going kayaking, swimming in nearby rivers and waterfalls. Whilst here I also get a chance to talk to the local tribesmen and learn their traditional ways of handicraft, cooking, survival and fishing.
✿ Day 13 -  I go back to Kuching, get the chance to revisit the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre and then I go back to the guest house to get a decent night sleep before having to endure the two plane journeys to get back home. 

As well as Orangutans, Borneo is home to many other creatures, such as:
✿222 Mammals
including Pygmy Elephants :D
✿420 Resident Birds
✿100 Amphibians
✿364 Fish 
✿15,000 Plants.
(all images are from pinterest)

So, that's what has made my day/month/year and is going to change my life :)
If you click here there is the link to The Great Projects website.
The link to the exact tour I am doing is here.
Finally this link is too a cute video I found on youtube which gives an small insight into what I shall be going into, click here

Rebecca xo

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