Monday, 25 February 2013

My Immune System Sucks.

Woah, I haven't blogged for over a week, crazy, well, I have NOT been well at all, I had struck down with the flu, and February makes the sixth month in a row that I have been ill and have had to take time off work. Now I hate being ill, just hate it, the idea of being stuck in bed or on the sofa for ages just ergh, annoys me. I started feeling ill last Saturday morning, and I just got worse throughout the day, Sunday I spent all day on the sofa, I braved work on Monday but got sent home after an hour and a half and then ended up spending all week on the sofa, because I literally couldn't move, I was so ill. It is only today that I have felt 100% better, over a week on. I usually well for the past sixth months, have got tonsillitis, but this time it was the flu. I have had numerous blood tests at the doctors to see if everythings working, and it is, I was classed completely normal (others would debate this), I was negative for Glandular Fever, so I literally just have a rubbish immune system. 
Now, as you know I am off to Borneo in September, if you didn't know click here to see the blog post on it, I am off to work with the Orangutans for two weeks, and well I cannot afford to have this rubbish so called immune system them, I know I have to have 8/9 vaccinations before I go but I still need to build up my immune system to prevent me catching anything, not just in Boreo but in day to day life. 
I already want to lose weight, and am starting eating healthy and exercising, but I am going to just altogether cut out the crap, putting it bluntly, I have done this before when I wanted to lose weight and for me it works. I literally just don't eat the chocolate, sweets, pizza and all junk food. I find if its not in the house, then I don't want it. Where at the moment I have moving house, so everything's in boxes and my life is kind of up in the air, feel like I am lodging in my own home, as we could get told any day that we are moving, so its all slightly hetic, which makes having a set routine very very hard, but as soon as I am all moved in, it will be a hell of a lot easier to get into a routine, sort my eating out, get daily exercise going, and actually feel settled and relaxed. 

Healthy things I am going to to try are:
Hot water with fresh slice of lemon first thing in the morning.
I am joining Slimming World with my mum, as where we are moving, the local meeting place is literally 5 mins from my house, so that will encourage me to actually go.
Obviously cutting out the junk food.
Drinking less alcohol.
Making more homemade food, so that I know what goes into my food and nothings hidden.
Actually have at least 3 of my five fruit and veg a day.

photo from

They are just what I am going to do for starters, if you have any recommendations then please let me know. I am all ears, and the more I can find out and try the better :)      

Rebecca xo

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTE - Valentines Day 'Night'

I know its a couple of days after Valentines Day, but I was waiting on the club I went to, to upload their photos because I had one taken and I wanted to include it in this post.
So, I am single, so Valentines Day for me consisted of, doing a little bit of shopping in town and then coming home and spending hours and hours getting ready for a night out in town with one of my closest friends. I usually have a mare at picking an outfit when I go out, whatever I originally decide is never what I actually go out into town in, but hey ho, that's just me.

First Outfit:
 I know the photo on the left is a little grainy but I took it, then cleaned my camera lens and then I didn't like the rest of the photos, so I have included the grainy one.
My dress is brand new, I actually bought it during my Valentines Day shopping trip, its from River Island, it was £35.00 and it is such a vibrant coral/orange. I absolutely love it, it's different to the styles of dresses I usually buy, for me I don't think skater dresses suit me, but this one it did. I have found it on the River Island website if you wanted to take a look, just click here.

Second Outfit:
 After staring in the mirror for a long time, I started to talk myself out of wearing the orange dress, mainly because it was my first time wearing it out, and I didn't feel that confident, I think I need to wear it on a night out, where I know I won't be out until 3am so that I have the time to feel confident in it. So, I tried on my black dress from H&M, now this picture doesn't do this dress justice, it looks as if its just a plain black dress, where actually the back top half is all lace, now I own this dress in black and in red, I bought both because it was only £14.99 and it suits my body shape perfectly. 
 If you click here, it will take you to the H&M website to see the dress in more detail.

Eventually I decided on wearing my black H&M dress, and I just teamed it with a casual loose fitting blazer, black wedge heels and a necklace to add some colour.

(courtesy of Vodka Revolution)
We had a fantastic night out, met up with plenty of friends, and drank slightly too much, but the atmosphere out in town was really good, everyone was in such a good mood and for once their was NO fights, which does make a change, so I really enjoyed myself.
Then, to my surprise when I got home at around 3.30am, their was a single red rose and a card for me, on my doorstep, which was really sweet, and for some reason I decided to take a drunken photo with my rose, which shockingly actually looks quite arty, so I happily uploaded it to Instagram :)

So, that was my valentines, how was yours?

Rebecca xo

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Who needs a boyfriend on Valentines when you find gorgeous shoes for only £4.99

Seeing as its valentines day, it seems appropriate to do a post on love, however this kind of love, is the kind you get you find an amazing pair of shoes, that just so happen to have 75% off and have the right size, that actually fit.
Where I live we dont actually have many shops that are purely just for shoes, they all got closed down during the recession, so its on Clarks, and I can't say that I shop in there, however we now have a new shop called Deichmann which I had never heard of at all, today me and my mum took a wander in their and they have the most gorgeous shoes, for really affordable prices. The shoes are good quality as well, which makes it even better, and they also amazing handbags in there, the sort of handbags that if you went to TopShop they would be £75 but instead in Deichmann their £12.99.. I know, just insane.. 

Aren't they just beautiful..
I don't know why they had 75% off, they were in perfect condition, I think it was because it was their opening week and they were promoting many different styles that they sell. It did take me a while actually believe that they were £4.99 considering originally they are £19.99, but they went through the till as £.499. These shoes have got to be my bargain of the year

 I know I have posted a lot of photos of this one pair of shoes, but they are so gorgeous, and I just love the fact they are £4.99. If you have a Deichmann shop near you I really would suggest taking a look because they have such amazing deals on amazing shoes, or you could look on their website, just click here.

Whats your favourite shoes? Found any bargains like this one recently, I would love to know.

Rebecca xo

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Daily Essentails

I am one of those people who religiously does the same skincare routine every morning and every night, I never used to be like this, until I learnt at college how to do a proper cleansing routine and since then it has just been a routine I have gotten into, so I thought I would share it with you.

The Six Products I Use:
ღ Garnier Face Wipes
ღ Simple Toning Cleaner
ღ Simple Toner
ღ Neutrogena Cleansing Lotion
ღ Nivea Day Cream
 ღ Simple Eye Roll-On
 Step One
After I have washed my face in the morning I then just go over it with a Garnier Ultra Cleansing Wet Wipes, I use the ones which are suitable for sensitive skin, I have only recently switched to using these, I used to use just Simple wet wipes but I decided I needed a change and give my skin a change. I find these wet wipes really refreshing on my skin, they have no perfume, no alcohol and no colourants which makes them feel really fresh, they don't feel rough at all which is one thing I love about them.

Step Two 
I then pour Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser onto a cotton pad and wipe this all over my face and down onto my neck, I have tried many cleaners, but none seem to like my skin, they all caused me to break out, until I started using this, it loves my skin, as well leaving my skin cleansed it also removes the last few traces of make up that the wet wipe had missed.

 Step Three
After I apply Simple Smoothing Facial Toner to a cotton pad and gently move the cotton pad in a upwards motion around my face. I have used this toner for a long time, everytime the bottle is empty I just instantly repurchase it without any queries, but I have actually bought Nivea's toner to try once this bottle finishes, which will be very soon. 

Step Four
I have only been using this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion for about a month and a half, I never used to suffer with blackheads but recently I had loads on my nose that just appeared from nowhere, I remembered seeing this product advertised on telly, so I bought it. I can honestly say I have noticed a visibly clear difference, the blackheads on my nose had reduced considerably and no new blackheads have appeared. On the bottle it says to wipe all over your face and neck but to avoid contact with your eyes, I tried this about 4/5 times but it just stung my skin something terrible, I had tears in my eyes, so I stopped and now I only apply it to nose and chin. I use this morning and night and would highly recommend this product if you suffer with blackheads.

Step Five
Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream, this is another product that I have only just started using, I used to use Simple 12hour Moisturiser, which I love and will go back to one day, I just needed to have a change, and I know everyone raves about Nivea, and I must say it is a really good moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling so soft, it doesn't last as long as the 12hour Simple Moisturiser but it really nourishes my skin.

Step Six
Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, I use this in the mornings, I bought it to try and get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, I can't say I notice a difference but I still use it everyday because it does refresh under my eyes just after I have woken up and it makes feel more awake.

Now, that's my skin care routine, have you tried any of these products? What products would you recommend for alternatives, I am always open to change?

Rebecca xo

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Liebster Blog Awards.

So, today's post is not the sort I thought I would ever do, but, hey ho, it's something new, I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by the very lovely 'girl holdin daisies' from Fashion Dress It.
Now I new that this award floated around in the blogging world but never thought I would ever be nominated. The Liebster Blog Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers and also it gives you the chance to follow new bloggers.

The Rules:
❥ You must list 11 facts about yourself.
❥ You must answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator.
❥ Create another 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer. 
❥ Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
❥ Go to each of those bloggers pages and let them know they have been nominated.
❥ Thank whoever nominated you, and leave a link back to their page.

So, lets get started.. 
11 Facts About Me.
❥ 1 - I have played the violin in the Royal Albert Hall, in London.
❥ 2 - I am an only child.
❥ 3 - I get bored of my mobile phone so much that I change it every six months.
❥ 4 - If I ever saw Vivienne Westwood I think I would faint, love that women so much.
❥ 5 - Les Misérable is my favourite west end show.
❥ 6 - My profession at the moment is a lingerie assistant and bra fitter.
❥ 7 - I am an IT geek, I have 3 GCSE's at A Grade, for IT and computers alone.
❥ 8 - I used to hate reading until I read the Fifty Shades Triology.
❥ 9 - Cristiano Ronaldo winked at me once at a Man United Football Match.
❥10 - I can eat most spicey food and not have a problem (I say its because of my distant mexican roots, its very distant but it still counts).
❥ 11 - When I turned 18 my parents got me a white gold, pink sapphire and diamond ring. 

The questions 'girl holdin daisies' wrote for me to answer..
❥ 1 - What do you want to do when your older?
- I have absolutely no idea, right now I have no career path, I am just following my own instinct.
❥ 2 -  What's your favourite song?
- At the moment its 'At The End Of The Day' from Les Misérable but of all time it would have to be 'Keep On Movin' by Five or 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion.
❥ 3 - What's your biggest achievement?
- Being part of my mum's recovering from Breast Cancer.
❥ 4 - Where are you from?
- I am from a town in Wiltshire.
❥ 5 - If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
- I would go to Buckingham Palace and just stalk Prince Harry for the day.
❥ 6 - What's your favourite book?
- Mistress Masham's Repose, I read this when I was younger, and I just loved it, I have read it so much, to the point a few of the pages have fallen out.
❥ 7 - What's your favourite magazine?
- I do like Vogue, Elle, Cosmo etc but my favourite is New.. all that celebrity gossip for £1.
❥ 8 - Out of all your nominated blogs, who is your favourite?
- Well, at the moment I haven't decided who I am going to nominate, so can't comment on that one right now, plus I wouldn't want to single one blog out, all the blogs I follow are amazing.
❥ 9 - Are you a good friend?
- I would like to think I am, I am the sort of person who cares about everyone else and puts everyone else before themselves, so I think that does make me a good friend.
❥ 10 - What is your favourite film?
- Titanic, without a shadow of a doubt. I love that film.
❥ 11 - Best fashion accessory?
- Either my Vivienne Westwood necklace or my neon green Ice Watch.

Finally, the 11 questions the bloggers I nominate MUST answer :)
❥ 1 - If you had £1000 to spend in ONE shop, what shop would you pick?
❥ 2 - Favourite animal?
❥ 3 - What made you want to start a blog?
❥ 4 - New York City or Miami Beach?
❥ 5 - Who is the one person you wish you could meet?
❥ 6 - Can you handle eating  jalapeño's.
❥ 7 - Cheapest beauty product you own?
❥ 8 - Most expensive beauty product you own?
❥ 9 - Are you an insta-grammer?
❥ 10 -Who is the Disney character you wish you could be?
❥ 11 - What is your dominoes pizza topping?

So, there we have it, that's the 11 facts about me, the 11 questions from 'Girl Holdin Daisies' answered and the 11 questions created for the bloggers I nominate to answer.
Now for who I nominate:

There we go, once again a massive thank you to 'Girl Holdin Daisies'  from Dress It, for nominating me, I honestly didn't expect it, and it has been a real boost because it makes me feel like what I write is actually read instead of me just writing to myself, so please go check out her blog, its great.

Rebecca xo

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I'm off to Borneo, to work with ORANGUTANS!

Now, this is nothing to do with beauty or fashion, but about the trip that is going to change my life, I am off to Borneo in Malaysia for two weeks, by MYSELF, to help out at the orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation centres. I will also be trekking through the jungle, during the day and night, seeing all the wildlife, I visit three different national parks, and I actually stay in the national parks, I see the local tribes, their culture and their way of live. 
It is going to be single handedly the BEST experience of my life!
 Working with Orangutans is something I have wanted to do for years and years, ever since I used to watch Monkey Island and The Orangutan Sanctuary on the TV, and I always said when I'm 18, I am going to go there, help, work hard and be part of making their lives better and now I am, I never thought I would get this opportunity and now I do.
I saw a deal on wowcher where their was 36%  off for a limited time offer, I spoke to my parents, did a lot of research and them boom! it was booked. 
They run this particular trip that I am going on from the 3rd-16th of each month, every month, so now I just pick which month I want to go and I have until December 2014 to complete the two weeks, I would love to be able to go May this year, but their is no way I could get the time off work, and it would all be a little rushed, because I am moving house at the end of this month, I am going on a cruise in July and I wanted to build up my strength and fitness, and I don't feel I would be able to do that before May, so I am going to book to go either April or May 2014, so I have a whole year to build up my fitness to survive the jungle, tone up my stomach, save up a nice amount of money, buy a new high tech camera to capture all the amazing memories and it gives me something to really look forward to, instead of rushing into this experience. 
 The company that runs these trips and tours is The Great Projects, they are a great company that dedicate themselves to helping many different animals in many different countries, to be honest, I have already seen a few more volunteering trips that I want to go on after this one :)
My parents have said this trip is going to be the making of me, and that I'll go on it, and as soon as I get back I will start saving for my next trip and I do believe that shall be the case. 

✿ Day 1 - When I arrive in Borneo I am taken to the Basaga Guest House where I will be involved in a meet and greet with all the others that are doing the same trip as me and then I have dinner and rest as the flight to Kuching, in Borneo is around 14hours, 12 hours to Kuala Lumpar and then another 2 hour flight to Kuching.
✿ Day 2/3 - I go to the Matang Wildlife Centre where I meet all the amazing animals (including the Orangutans) The next day I work behind the scenes with every day tasks, like feeding the animals, cleaning the enclosures and helping towards to enrichment of the animals,
✿ Day 4/5 - I travel to the Bako National Park by a boat where I set up in a chalet that's based in Sarawak's Oldest National Park. Whilst here I get to do jungle trekking at night, go to the gorgeous sandy beaches thats backdrops are the rainforest.
✿ Day 6 - I move to the Damai beach where I spend the night at the Permai Rainforest Resort.
✿ Day 7 - I visit the tribes of Borneo, the Sarawak cultural village, I get to see the uniqueness of the lives inside the rainforest, see their crafts, dances and traditions.
✿ Day 8 - I go to the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre and get to sit in on feeding time with the semi wild orangutans at that centre. I then go to the Batang Ai National Park, when I get to the mountainous borders of Indonesia I travel back on traditional longboats through the tropical rainforest and then spend the evening in the garden with the many semi wild orangutans.
✿ Day 9/12 - At the Batang Ai rainforest I get to take part in many activities such as: walks into surrounding rainforests in search of orangutans, going kayaking, swimming in nearby rivers and waterfalls. Whilst here I also get a chance to talk to the local tribesmen and learn their traditional ways of handicraft, cooking, survival and fishing.
✿ Day 13 -  I go back to Kuching, get the chance to revisit the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre and then I go back to the guest house to get a decent night sleep before having to endure the two plane journeys to get back home. 

As well as Orangutans, Borneo is home to many other creatures, such as:
✿222 Mammals
including Pygmy Elephants :D
✿420 Resident Birds
✿100 Amphibians
✿364 Fish 
✿15,000 Plants.
(all images are from pinterest)

So, that's what has made my day/month/year and is going to change my life :)
If you click here there is the link to The Great Projects website.
The link to the exact tour I am doing is here.
Finally this link is too a cute video I found on youtube which gives an small insight into what I shall be going into, click here

Rebecca xo

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

I wish I was a ladybug

 I love ladybugs (I know their called ladybirds but I call them ladybugs, have done since I was a ickle tot) I used to collect them when I was younger and have them as pets in a jam jar, they absolutely fascinate me, how they are so tiny, with such intricate detail on their little backs. When I am older I plan to have a Volkswagen Bettle in red, and then have black dots painted on it, so I can literally be a lady bug, anyways, getting totally away from the subject of this post, I treated myself to a new perfume, I don't have a massive perfume collection, I have just a few main ones that I love and that I wear to death (i.e Vivienne Westwood's Cheeky Alice, Peter Andre's Unconditional, one from Clarins, which I never remember the name, I just love it because when I smell it, it reminds me of my Grandma, so I have a small bottle in my make up bag with me all the time, and then the only other perfume I have is one that Marks and Spencer used to sell, and it smelt like orange juice, I loved it, saw it went into the sale, so bought two bottles.) Therefore, as I don't own many, I thought it was time to get a new one, I received a £20 Debenhams gift card for my 18th birthday that I still hadn't spent, so I used that to go towards my perfume, me and my mum wandered around all the perfumes smelling so many that by the end I absolutely stank of a massive mixture of perfumes. 

Whilst wandering this huge umbrella on top of one of the stands caught my eye, it was a Marc Jacobs umbrella, we loved it, and then.. that's when I saw the most perfect perfume for me, a perfume, that not only smelt absolutely gorgeous, but the bottle was inspired by a LADY BUG!! 
The perfume is Dot by Marc Jacobs, it smells very refreshing, yet very floral, its the sort of scent that you can put on and it doesn't over power you. 

I then noticed a sign in the Marc Jacobs display that said if you buy any Marc Jacobs perfume 50ml or above you get a free Marc Jacobs umbrella, so I just HAD to buy the 50ml Dot by Marc Jacobds perfume to get the free umbrella; a 50ml bottle of this perfume was £47 which was a little pricey but I was prepared to pay it, I took it to the till and that's when I day got even better, the customer assistant told me that for £3 more, I could get the Dot gift set, which included a 50ml bottle of perfume, 75ml bottle of shower, 75ml bottle of body lotion and then I still got the free umbrella.. Bargain if you ask me.. So I bought it, so with my voucher, over all it only cost me £30 which I thought was brilliant.

After getting all of this and in true Debenhams fashion I got samples of new different perfumes that are available.
 ♥ Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli
♥ Love Struck by Vera Wang
♥ CK one SHOCK Street Edition by Calvin Klein
I haven't used any of these yet because I have so many perfume samples it is actually ridiculous, so I am just going to add them to my pot of samples and then I just pick up one at random each day to use.

Well, thats my latest perfume, and a the list of my favorites, whats yours, I would love to know?   

Rebecca xo


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Job Hunting.. why are you so stressful....

This post is purely for me to vent my frustration with job hunting, I am at that point where I want to get a decent job, that I can focus on, challenge myself and grow with.. This is proving a hell of a lot harder than I originally thought, I know job hunting is hard, I started looking for a job when I was 14/15 and I couldn't find anything, another problem I had was my birthday is the 29th August, so the summer I left school lots of my friends were already 16 and were getting jobs, I was still 15 and unemployable :/ that in itself was annoying, I finally got my first job when I was 16, I did that job for three months, it was only a Saturday job, and if I had that job now, with more hours I would love it, but I don't so .. moving on.. I now work as a Customer Assistant in Marks & Spencer, nothing wrong with working there, but I have been their for over a year and I am now struggling to find the drive to work their anymore, personally for me its not challenging enough, some people get on working in retail, and some people don't and I am just one of those individuals that don't get on with retail. 

I want to branch out into a decent job, that challenges me, focuses my mind, and has me pumping with adrenaline through deadlines, but trying to find that is SO hard, I don't really know what sector of work I want to go into, but I know a few I would like to be in: PR, Social Media, Administration etc but what I am struggling with, is getting into these companies, I have a great set of GCSE's under my belt and I have ridiculous amounts of customer service experience/skills but every company seems to want people that already have experience in the job your going for.. how are we meant to get experience if they only want experienced people.. I  really don't understand what else I can do.. I am applying to every job possible that has an interest in what I would like to do, I have even resulted in applying for jobs in the towns outside of where I live, and even in London.
I could really use some advice, I know I am lucky to have a job with the way the unemployment in 18-24year olds is, but anyone is in the same position as me, or has been in the same position as me, or even knows someone who is or has been, I would really appreciate your advice, either leave a comment, or your more than welcome to email me on if you don't to just leave it as a comment.

Rebecca xo

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Friday, 1 February 2013

TopShop Jewellery Bargains :)

For my 18th Birthday last August, my friend very kindly got me a £50 topshop voucher, I had already spent £38 on a studded handbag which is gorgeous but I still had £12 left, which has just been sitting in my purse since August, so I decide to take a trip into topshop, and I found so many bargains, for my £12, I got 10 different things, and only had to put an extra £2 to the balance to pay, which I thought was pretty good.

Rose Gold Studded Bracelet £1.50
Gold Ring With Arrows - £.150
Gold Nail Ring - £1.50
Pack of Four Bracelets - £1.50
Bracelet with Ring Attached - £.150
Gold Hope with Crosses Earrings - £.150

Then, my mum suddenly called over to me in the store to say "Becky, look at these, its so cute and only £7, you have to buy it." I turned around to see the most cutest PJs so yes I had to buy them, and even better when I got to the till, they were only £5, complete bargain.

I love finding bargains, and I was so pleased with these ones from Topshop, have you got any bargains recently? Let me know, i'd love to see them.

Rebecca xo

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