Thursday, 10 January 2013

So.... I failed my shopping ban.

So, I started my shopping ban on the 3rd of January, and by the 8th I had failed. I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever. I thought about starting again, but I know I would failed again and would you believe it, the reason I failed was because of a ... ONESIE... a onesie, of all things.. a monkey onesie.
In my defense, its super, super cute and it was only £12.00 and I have worn it every evening since I bought it, its so soft and comfy :) Once I had bought that I just couldn't stop myself going into River Island, where I found a gorgeous grey handbag in sale, and I looked at me carrying it in the mirror and it really went with my outfit, so I bought it.. I know I bought a handbag from their in the sale on the last day of 2012, but I have no restraint with handbags, my dad has given up telling me I have too many because he knows he will never get it into my head that I don't need anymore. Whilst waiting for the bus when I was leaving town, me and my mum popped into Peacocks to pass the time and I saw a gorgeous black clutch bag with a had a large gold glitter stripe at the bottom, which I had to buy because it matches my gold glitter shoes. 

Isn't just adorable.. it even has a tail.

So, I officially proved I cannot stop spending.. Definitely have an addiction to shopping..
Hope you are having a better time with the 100 day shopping ban that I did.

Rebecca xo

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1 comment:

  1. never mind you tried :)

    there's no way I'd of been able to stop.

    your not alone . :)