Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Look Haul.

So, it is absolutely freezing here where I live and their so snow falling outside my window, so I thought now would be a perfect time to blog about my recent purchases from New Look. I only got six things, and five of them were in the sale, so thats a bargain already.

The Shoes 
These shoes were only £12 in the sale (originally £27.99) , I am addicted to heels, I own more than I wear and when New Look have a shoe sale I cannot help but buy a pair, these didn't look as high on the internet but when they arrived, I did gasp at how high they were, I measured them and they are 6.5 inches, and I am only 5ft4 so when I put them on, I end up 5ft10.5 which makes me look like a giant, but their silver, glittery and wedges so I can actually walk in them. I cannot wait to wear them, think I'm going to wear them when I know I wont be out for long, because I don't think I could stand a good 5/6hours dancing in a nightclub with these on straight away, I think they would kill my feet :(

Cross Earrings 
For a good few months now I have had an obsession for cross earrings, I loved these little ones purely because they were tiny and they were only £1 (originally £2.50). I just thought they sweet and dainty, and I will never have enough cross earrings.

Heart Earrings 
These were also only £1 (originally £6) they are quite thin so they and have rose gold edging which is what drew me to them, as they were in the sale, I did check to make sure all the diamantes were there because sometimes with New Look jewellery in the sale, studs can be missing but luckily for me, their was none missing.. yay 

Square Earrings 
Again, another £1 pair of earrings, these were originally £3.50, I just loved how sparkly they were, I love chunky studs, I can get away with these at work which is good, because they are too cute to not where all the time :)

Tartan Belt 
This belt was an instant attraction to me, it was originally £3.50 but I paid £2.00 for it, it is so cute, and it will go perfectly with a plain black lace dress I have, I have previously a leopard print belt that has a bow on it but now I can wear this cute tartan belt. 

Beige Studded Jumper 
I love studs. Thats all I really need to say, this jumper wasn't in the sale, but it was only £22.99 and it is really good quality, its from the brand Cameo Rose within New Look, I went for a large because I find the sizing within this brand really small. This jumper is really soft, and I am going to wear it with my American Apparel Disco Pants or my River Island skinny jeans, its the sort of jumper you can wear casually or you could dress it up to wear on a night out, I like pieces of clothing that are versatile. If you like this jumper, click here and it will take you to the website.

So, thats the latest few bits I have bought from New Look recently, when I style these items I shall post an OOTD of them, I am also waiting for a package from ELF to come through :) so excited wanted a items on there for ages and I noticed the other day that everything I wanted had gone into the sale so I bought them, when they arrive I shall do a post on them too.

Rebecca xo

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  1. Oh, that studded jumper is incredible!! It looks beautiful ^.^

    1. Thank you :) I know, its so gorgeous x