Monday, 7 January 2013

Nail Varnish Wish List

I love having my nails painted and fancied a change from normal, so I went to my nail varnish box (which was in a slight mess) and tipped them all out, and as you can see I have so many nail varnishes that it took me so long to decide the actual colour I wanted to use. 

Slight obsession???
After almost going through every colour, I finally decided on black nail varnish with silver glitter nail varnish on my ring fingers, which actually turned out really well. I like to switch my nails up all the time, if I have something on for too long I get bored quickly, and even start to pick it off, which is really bad.

The black nail polish is an old one from New Look and the silver is Collection 2000 Bedazzled Nail Effects.

I thought it looked really subtle, just having that pop of sparkle and I am one of those people who absolutely loves black nail varnish, however I don't like it as much when it starts to chip, but I do carry the nail varnish I am wearing around with me, to make touch ups when necessary. After I had painted my nails, it got me thinking of my nail varnish wish list, I have created a list of 5 nails varnishes that I wish I owned and have decided that once my 100 day spending ban is completed I am going to treat myself to them :)

♥ Number One - Ciate Mother of Pearl
This is from their Caviar Manicure range, I just really want to try this, I am intrigued at the texture it is going to leave my nails, out of the colours they have produced this is my favourite, I just love how clean it looks. This set costs £18.00, in which you get the Paint Pot Nail Varnish to apply first and you also get the Paint Pot of Caviar White Beads.

♥Number 2 - Essie Snake Rattle and Roll
This nail varnish is from their 'repstyle collection', all the colours look beautiful but this colour and the name caught my eye straight away, I love the packaging, the colour and the effect it is going to give my nails. I love textured nails, and if I could have 3D looking nails all the time, then believe me I would. This Essie polish costs $11.25 on their website, but in Boots, I know they sell Essie polishes for £7.99 however I think this one may be a little more, purely because its from a set collection instead of a normal block colour.

♥Number 3 - Essie Fear or Desire
I am a lover of the colour orange/coral, I own about every coral/orange lipstick and blusher that is available on the high street and that is why this is in my top 5, I already own a similar colour, which is Barry M's Tangerine, which I do really like however I find they chip really easily for me at work, and Essie doesnt. This one costs $8.00 on the website but is £7.99 in Boots.

♥Number 4 - OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!
This is the most gorgeous baby pink colour I have ever seen, I also love the way it looks as if its sparkling in the light, I personally find OPI nail varnishes good quality, I know they get a mixed about of reviews but I find them really good. The problem I have is that nowhere in my town sells OPI so I have to get it online, and so far I have found that it cost $7.90 on Amazon, if you know of any shops or online websites that sell OPI, please let me know, I shall be very grateful :)

♥Number 4 - Ciate Big Yellow Taxi 
WOW. Just WOW. I saw a mini tester of this when I was watching FleurDeForce's vlogmas, and I fell in love with it, its such a bright statement colour and I have just wanted it ever since, it is just so shocking. I think it will look amazing in the summer when I am on holiday. It costs £9.00 on their website, but is currently out of stock :( boohoo, fingers crossed it will be back in stock in April when I am able to buy it :)

So, thats my nail varnish collection and my Top 5 on my nail varnish wish list, 
whats yours? I would love to know..

Rebecca xo

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  1. wow that is a lot of nail varnish !
    I love having my nails painted . I cant stop buying

    1. I know, I have a slight obsession :) I cannot stop buying either, too many brands create way to many pretty colours :)

      Rebecca xo

  2. That a lovely collection of nail varnish and a great design, your blog is even better than before!, how did you dothe blue circle things on the sides? x

    1. oh wow, thankyou :) and the social networking buttons, I read Sew Many Things blog post on how to put them onto your blog .. it was really is :) x