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In Situ Cosmetics Free Samples Review.

I was recently followed on twitter by this company called In Situ Cosmetics, now with me being a lover of all things beauty and skincare, I was intrigued at who this company was, so I proceeded to their website, to have a little nose around, thats when I found out they are a skincare brand which 100% tailor to you. They focus on creating a range of skincare products which fit your skin perfectly,they use natural fresh ingredients which for me makes these products even more appealing. Whilst looking around their site I noticed a section called 'Samples', I clicked on it and was happy to see that you can get upto four free samples,
♥ Personalise By Essence
♥ Sample Body Care
♥ Sample Face Care
♥ Sample Eye Care
I of course ordered all four because I am always on the look out for new skin care products, once you have decided what product/s that you want to try, you then create your version of the product by selecting the texture, your skin concern and your mood boost. 

Personalise By Essence
Time of Application - Morning or Night
Favourite Texture - Butter, Cream, Exfoliating Body Wash, Gel, Gel Body Wash, Lotion
Skin Concern - Detoxifying & Purifying, Hydration & Protection, Radiance & Luominosity
Favourite Aroma - Almond Milk, Caramel Toffee, Cocoa Chocolate, Gardenia, Green Apple, Honey & Vanilla, Mysterious Jasmine, Rosebuds, Tropical Coconut and Wild Cherry.
 ( the words bolded are what I picked)

This body wash was 100% hydrating, it made my skin feel really soft and the smell, oh my, I love coconut scented products and this has got to be the nicest scented body wash I have smelled, it has take over from my love of Coconut and Cream by ilovecosmetics.

Sample Body Care
Time of Application - Morning or Night
Skin Type - Dry, Normal, Sensitive
Favourite Texture - Butter, Cream, Exfoliating Body Wash, Gel, Gel Body Wash, Lotion
Skin Concern - Cellulite, Detoxifying & Purifying, Firming & Toning, Hydration & Protection, Stretch Marks
Mood Boost - Aphrodisiac, Happy Feeling, Passion Potion, PMT Rescue, Total Unwind
 ( the words bolded are what I picked)

I picked the butter texture in this, because personally I prefer thick body butters, I feel that they sink into my skin better than lotions, I went for Happy Feeling because I am a happy person and all of the other options didn't really affect me, I also picked stretch marks, because I am always looking for new ways to somehow reduce my stretch marks on my stomach, I hate them with a passion. So far I am loving this body butter, and where you don't need too much, this little pot will last me quite a while.

Sample Face Care 
Time of Application - Morning or Night
Skin Type - Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive 
Favourite Texture - Cream, Gel, Lotion
Skin Concern - Blemishes & Pimples, Deep Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Early Wrinkles, Hydration & Protection, Instant Firming.
Mood Boost - Anti Stress, Calming & Relaxing, Concentration & Focus, Emotional Fatigue, Feel Positive, Self Confidence.
( the words bolded are what I picked)

This face cream had a lovely scent to it, very fresh, I picked blemishes & pimples because at the time of ordering I was having random breakouts and I couldn't work out why, so I thought I shall try this cream for night time, to see if it would have any affect, and personally I think it did, I wore only a small amount for 3 nights in a row, and my breakout did decrease, they didn't completely disappear but they did reduce a lot which pleased me so much.

Sample Eye Care
Time of Application - Morning or Night
Favourite Texture - Balm, Cream, Gel 
Skin Concern - Dark CirclesDeep Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Early Wrinkles, Hydration & Protection, Puffiness
Mood Boost - Balancing & Calming, Kick-Start, Passion Potion, Self Confidence, Spirituality
( the words bolded are what I picked)

Now, I don't use face cream in my daily skin care routine, mainly because I am only 18 and I find that just using a wake me up eye roll on and illuminating under eye concealer is enough for me, however I gave the eye cream a go, to see if it would work better, and personally I found it did give the skin under my eyes a boost and counteracted the dark circles, but I think I shall stick to my eye roll on and concealer, eye cream just isn't for me just yet.

So, overall I would definitely purchase at the full price the shower gel, body butter and face cream, you should definitely give In Situ Cosmetics a try, I was really impressed with the unique make of products I was created; one thing, your getting four great quality samples for free but their is a small delivery charge of £3.00 but they arrive quickly and they are packaged beautifully.
  If you are interested, the link to their website is here and the link to the samples page is here also they are on twitter and they took the time to direct message me to find out how I got on with the products which I thought was a lovely touch, this is the link to there twitter.

Let me know if you do order yourself some free samples and how you get on with them.

Rebecca xo

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