Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I hit the sales

I left it a few days before I hit the crazy sales, but on the last day of 2012, I did have a look around, which probably wasn't a good idea, because I shopped, a lot, but the way I see it, is, look at how much money I saved, especially with my bill in River Island. So, here is what I bought: 

This sheer black shirt, with gold chain detail was £5 , such a bargain, my mum actually spotted it and then when she showed me, I just had to have it, it has long sleeves which are cuffed at the bottom, but they are not tight, they fit really loose which is what I personally prefer. I have liked the gold chain print for a while, but I did't think it would suit me, however this shirt was just too good to miss. I am so pleased I bought it because it really is now my favourite sheer shirt that I own.

I love republic clothes, I think they are really good quality and last a long time, but they are really over priced for a high street store, so I only shop in there when they have a sale on, I found this very simple charcoal dip-hem dress, with silver studs on the shoulders, for only £10. It's a soft t-shirt material, and I just thought it will look really nice in the summer, when I am on holiday, with a pair of gladiators, a thin belt and a sun hat, walking around Italy. I also got this spike necklace, once again this is a piece I have wanted for a while, and have seen many version of it in Primark, Top Shop, Miss Selfridge and New Look but this one is my favourite, the rustic silver looks really nice, and it was only £4.

Their are no words that can describe my love for H&M clothing, I walk into my local H&M, will see an outfit I love on the mannequin, and then I will end up leaving the store after buying everything on the mannequin (slightly addicted I know). I went rooting through the sale rails and found this gorgeous cream jumper, with a sequin peter pan colour, the sequins are clear and pale pink which shimmer in the light, this jumper was only £10. I then got a peach soft knit oversized cardigan, it's more of a piece for the summer, but I will wear it all year round and this was only £15. The final thing I bought was a soft knit woolly scarf in a lovely aqua blue/teal colour, it was only £4, it feels so snug and I cannot wait to be able to wear it this spring.

River Island!
This is my favourite store, hands down, I just love everything about it, even the decoration inside the store, I buy loads in their when its full price so when their is a sale, its dangerous, and I have decided that you definitely shop to much when you get two large drawstring River Island bags, when you finish paying they say ''see you again soon" and then they apologize to the next person about having to wait, ALL of that happened to me when I was at the till, whoops :) I bought a thin strap black evening top, with leather detail at the top, sheer black fabric and ruffles at the bottom for only £12. Then I saw this gorgeous sailor inspired navy and cream dress, its similar to a shift style dress and the material is quite thick, so in the evenings it will keep me warm, this dress was also only £12. Walking through the store I then spotted a navy blazer, blazers are a staple in my wardrobe, I wear them casually and also wear them out in the evenings to keep me warm instead of having to take a coat, the blazer was only £15. Now, the final two items were totally my mums fault, she spotted these shoes, they are gorgeous, they are peep toe, have a thick black heel, small studs, a zip at the back and the are real leather. These shoes were originally £65, I would never of paid £65 for these shoes, never ever! Luckily for me they were only £15 :) The last thing I bought was a handbag, which a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood style print, for only £20. Now I own over 70 handbags and I know I don't need anymore but it was so gorgeous that I just had to have it, and I couldn't bare to leave it there.

That's everything I bought in the 2012 sales, did you buy anything? If so, comment below what you got.

Rebecca xo

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