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Fearne's Travelling Beauty.

For Christmas I was fortunate to get a make up set from Fearne Cottons cosmetic range, I have previously tried a trio of her eyeshadows and found them to be really good quality, so I was really excited to have a small range of her products.

 (I know this image is sideways but I was having terrible problems trying to upload it, blogger kept switching the rotation of it)
Right! First impressions of the packaging were WOW, I love how solid the black and white stripes stand out, the bold vibrant flowers on the cover just look amazing, all round it looks a really nice looking set to carry around with you. When I opened it this is when I learnt of how it splits into two and you can actually use it as a mirror stand too, and you get a pretty decent size mirror with it.
What the Fearne Travel Beauty contains:
♥ one lipstick
♥ one mascara 
♥ six eyeshadows
♥ two blushers
♥ one double ended eyeshadow brush
♥one small blusher brush

The Eyeshadows:
Top L-R
♥ They call it brown but I think its more of a gold
♥ Light Grey
♥ Nude
Bottom L-R
♥ Dark Grey, but if you apply heavily it looks black
♥ Dark Brown/Purple
♥ White Glitter

The two blushers in this set are really nice, the lighting washes out the baby pink blusher and makes the bronze colour look orange but they honestly both look really nice once applied to the face.

Now, when celebrities bring out their own make up ranges I am always wary of their mascara's or even when shops do their own make up range, personally I feel they just forget about the mascara, and all seem to just have the same thing, black packaging, soft bristle brush with 'MASCARA' written on the side of the bottle, so I really didn't have high hopes for this mascara because I thought it would be just the same as all the others, however I was pleasantly surprised, this mascara applied really easily, didn't clump together like lots of them do, it didn't drop onto my face whilst applying it, and it was actually really pigmented and gave my lashes a lovely natural yet volumized look with I really did not expect. I would be happy using this on a day to day basis when I am at work, or having a lazy day and then it means I can save my Benefit they're real and my Liz Earle mascaras for days when I am actually doing things and not being lazy on the sofa.

This lipstick, firstly the packaging is gorgeous, secondly its so creamy, it felt moisturising on my lips. The colour is a very pinky nude, when I first applied it I thought I wasn't going to be able to wear it because it looked as if I just had foundation on my lips but after a few coats to build up the colour it looked really nice, and I don't actually own a nude colour lipstick, I seem to have everything else so it's a bonus for me that I now own one.

This is the baby pink blusher, the nude lipstick, the mascara and I also have on the nude and gold eyeshadow but you can't really see it. Pleas excuse the huge faux fur headband, I was just about to go out for a walk in the freezing cold snow with my mum, and it had actually started snowing again so I wanted to keep my ears warm.

I tried to find a link on the Boots website for this set, but I believe it was brought out for Christmas and now all her gift sets have gone in the sale, I know though that some of the larger boots stores have a  Fearne counter in amongst their make up section where you can buy all the pieces from her sets individually. I also found a video online of Fearne talking about this set and talking through the colours, so I shall link that here if you would like to watch it, its not very long, just over a minute.

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