Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bourjois Paris - Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal

For Christmas, my parents got me the new eyeliner from Bourjois Paris, its called Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal. I had seen this eyeliner in the Boots and really liked the look of it, the packaging is so unusual and have a real Egyptian vibe, personally in school Egypt was a topic which really interested which fueled me wanting to try this eyeliner even more.  Online the description explains how it will create an intense black line and also that every time you use it, that you will get a PERFECT line, which I can vouch for. 

The pointed cone shape at first I thought would be hard to use but is surprisingly easy, I had no worry that I could scratch myself which I get when I use an eyeliner pencil. Also I did find that I got a precise line the first time, and each time I use it. It has converted me from my old faithful Soap&Glory eyeliner, which I still love but this Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal has one hundred percent taken over. I only apply my eyeliner to my waterline and I usually find that throughout the day, eyeliners smudge or drop down into my creases, however this eyeliner didn't, it stayed on my waterline all day, and I only had to top it up when I went out in the evening. 

Small Disclaimer - this photo has NOT been edited, the eyeliner is really that pigmented.

Have you tried the Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal? If so, what did you think about it? Or, what is your favourite eyeliner?

Rebecca xo

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