Wednesday, 30 January 2013

a week off blogging..

I had a week from blogging because I have been really busy, packing boxes because I am moving house within the next 4 weeks, I have been working practically everyday, I had a stupidly massive Primark shopping trip, and I upgraded my phone, so I now have an iPhone 5. 
I thought just to get back into blogging I would do an Instagram photos post, these are all the photos from January 2013 so far .. 

♥ the january photo on my mums calendar 
♥ my hello kitty mug 
♥ my laptop scanning for viruses, it took ages 
♥ my new sheer shirt from Primark
♥ my nail collection
♥ trying to pick with colour to paint my nails
♥ face packs with my mum
♥ latest Vogue magazine
♥ selfie

♥ healthy breakfast supplies
♥ Models Own disco mix 
♥ porridge with apricots and cranberries
♥ my new £12 shoe
♥ latest new look purchases
♥ blogging
♥ Les Miserable soundtrack
♥ snow day
♥ new magazines

♥ treats for a saturday night
♥ going for a walk in the snow
♥ healthy treats 
♥ me and my mummy 
♥ I downloaded the app mirrorgram
♥ my vivienne westwood purse, almost a year old
♥ selfie
♥ breakfast out in town
♥ Primark shopping spree

♥ selfie 
♥ one of my new outfits from Primark
♥ boxing up my handbags for moving
♥ selfie
♥ ELF make up haul
♥ selfie

Thats all the images from my Instagram this month.
I shall get back into blogging, and back to writing a quote a day..

Rebecca xo

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