Thursday, 3 January 2013

100 Day Shopping Ban

I have seen/read quite a few blog posts about the 100 Day Spending Ban, and I thought this would be perfect for me, it's going to be a hard challenge but definitely will be worthwhile. I personally shop way to much, I cannot go into my town centre without buying a new piece of clothing. So, I have read through all the rules on other posts, and then adapted it so that it suits me :)

The Rules.
1) No clothing whatsoever is allowed to be bought, nothing, not even jimjams, cami's, cardigans, I have so many that I don't use, I really do NOT need anymore.
2) I am only allowed to buy a refill for a beauty/make up product if it completely runs out, i.e - concealer.
3) I am not allowed to buy food on my breaks at work, I must make something myself and take it in (saves money and eating healthily)
4) I am allowed to buy gifts for others, as my Grandma's birthday falls in this 100 days.
5) I am allowed to buy furniture because I shall have moved house within these 100 days and I have a bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe to decorate.
6) I am not going to buy a magazine, I don't read them and they just clutter up space.
7) I am allowed to buy beauty essentials, i.e cotton pads, cotton buds, deodorant and hairspray.
8) If I go out on a night out, I shall spend no more than £15 on drinks (however I am not drinking for the whole of January so this £15 rule shall only apply for a short time)
9) I am not allowed to pay for public transport for short journeys, I must walk. The only time I can pay for public transport is for long distance, i.e, I am going to London in February.

Those are the rules I have chosen to follow for my 100 days.
3rd January - 13th April

Wish me luck! I would love to know if your doing this challenge to, let me know. :)

Rebecca xo

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  1. I don't think i could ever d a 100 day shopping ban so i wish you good luck! i'm sure you'll do it!

    1. Thankyou :) it's going to be a challenge, but hopefully a worthwhile one :)

      Rebecca xo

  2. Wow, I'd not stumbled upon this challenge before stumbling upon your blog..this seems tricky - but just thinking about all the money I'd save from magazines, clothes and makeup is crazy..oh the very best of luck to you!! ^.^

    1. It does seem tricky, but I am hoping that the amount I save will inspire me to shop less, however I have a sneaky feeling that as soon as the 100 days is up, I shall just go crazy and shop, and the worst it bit is, the day it ends, is three days after pay day.. whoops :P but I shall try and restrain myself .

      Rebecca xo