Sunday, 28 April 2013

little place of heaven ... my walk in wardrobe

I have been wanting to do this post for ages.. however I waited until everything was in place before I showed you my walk in wardrobe, I am so so happy with it, its literally perfect. Now I don't want to be negative, but just for the people who will think I'm spoilt because of this, because I know some will, we have just moved house, we used to live in a 2 bedroom small cottage style terraced house and now we live in a large 3 bed semi. I am an only child and the third bedroom isn't really needed for anything in particular, so I was allowed to have it as a walk in wardrobe. I do pay rent and I have agreed to let my rent go up because I have this extra room, so just to clear that all up I haven't just got this all for free.
Right, now that's over and done with, I can finally show my walk in wardrobe, this posts is going to be all pictures and then all the information will be at the end.

(the end result)

❥ the white clothes bars on the wall, are the Mulig from IKEA. £4.50 each. BARGAIN
❥ the shelving was left here by the previous owners so I have no idea where that's from
❥  the mannequin was from Dunelm 
❥ the two drawer floral white wicker storage unit was from Dunelm. 
❥ white wicker storage on the shelves were from Amazon.
  ❥ light shade is from Dunelm

This room is literally my favourite place in the world at the moment, I am still finding it so weird that I do my hair and makeup in my bedroom, and then I walk across the landing to another room to get my clothes, its a strange feeling, but I am so lucky to be able to have this room. I still need to find somehow to store my handbags as I have a ridiculous amount but that doesn't need to be done straight away so I am not too worried.

Hope you like this post, if you have any ideas of how I can store my handbags then please let me know, I would be so grateful.

Rebecca xo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boots Haul

Yesterday, I went to Boots, only quickly, literally ran in and ran out, however I still managed to spend almost £40!!! I wish beauty, skin and haircare products weren't so expensive :(

What I Bought:
Boots own Extra Firm Hold Hairspray - £1.65
Boots own Natural Hold Hairspray - £1.65
(on offer for 2 for £3.00)
Dove Go Fresh Pomegrante and Lemon Verbena Deodorant - £2.89
Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow - £10.00
(on offer when you spend over £12.00 on Soap & Glory)
Revlon Colour Stay foundation in Buff - £12.49
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in Light - £7.99
Revlon Lip Butter in Watermelon - £7.99
(3 for 2 on Revlon, so got the lip butter for free)
Bourjois Paris Khol & Contour Eyeliner in Grey - £4.99
Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua Sparkle - £3.99
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19

What do you find increases your bill in Boots?

Rebecca xo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Face Of The Day

Took this photo spontaneously and it looked surprisingly good, you can actually see my make up, so I thought I would use it as a Face Of The Day.

Foundation: Revlon Colour Stay in Buff
Concealer - Revlon Photo Ready in Light
Collection Lasting Perfection in Light 2
Powder: Revlon Photo Ready in Light/Medium

Eyeliner: Bourjois Queen Attitude Kohl Kajal
Mascara: Seventeen Dolled Up

Blusher: Soap & Glory Love at First Blush

 Lip Stick: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Lovesick

Whats your everyday make up staples?

Rebecca xo

Soap & Glory Haul..

woah, its fair to say I haven't  blogged on here for quite a while .. *slaps wrist*.. that's mainly because I am still settling into my new house and I also have created another blog to document my weight loss journey that I have embarked on, I post on that blog every evening, so that took over from here for a little, but I am back, got lots of posts lined up, and what better way to start, than with a haul.. not just any haul, a Soap & Glory haul.
I have gone a little Soap & Glory mad, well.. its safe to say I am addicted to their products.

This is purely skin and hair care, no cosmetics, I can post that another time..
For one, I just love the fact that all their products are pink, my favourite colour and they really brighten up my make up table.

Foam Call - dual use Shower and Bath Wash
This stuff is gorgeous, it makes my skin feel really soft, I tend to find that some shower gels can make my skin feel rough after its been washed however this one does not. You get loads in the tube, and the pump on the top makes life a whole lot easier because you can't drop it and spray shower gel everywhere. This was £6.50 for 500ml.
Shower Puff.
Theirs not much I can really say about a power puff, I used to hate them, but this one is rather compact and stays together. I use it with the shower wash so that it lathers up a lot. It was pretty cheap, only £3.50
Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Glad Hair Conditioner.
These hated my hair, 100% wouldn't repurchase, they loved my mums, but turned my hair into a frizz ball, looked like I had put my finger in an electric socket.. not attractive. They were £2.50 each for 50ml.

 Dr Spot.
This is my new best friend, I bought it because I needed to buy something else to benefit from the 3 for 2 offer, so I picked it up because I had broken out badly, and I am so glad I did buy this, its fantastic!!! I am not going to say much more because I am going to do a full review on it very soon. This was £8.00 for 15ml.
Peaches and Clean.
This 4 in 1 cleansing milk, first of smells incredible, literally makes your face smell like a fruit bowl, personally I only need one pump of the products so it makes the whole product last longer. Your meant to use it in the evening to take your make up off, however I take my eye make up off first with proper make up remover, and then use the Peaches and Clean to remove my face make up.. and rather naughtily I use it in the morning as a cleanser, because my skin loves it so much. This was £7.00 for 200ml.
Mist You Madly.
I am usually a perfume girl, not a body spray, but this product is an exception, it smells delicious, I happily apply this 3/4 times a day, it has completely taken over from all the perfumes I own at the moment. Its so flowery and fruity, its just so different from the perfumes that our out in the shops at the moment. Its £6.50 for 250ml.
Hand Maid.
Its an antibacterial hand cleanser, perfect for putting in your bag and being able to get out and use whenever you need. You really don't need a lot of this product, a little goes a long way. This was £2.50 for 50ml.

Daily Smooth Body Butter.
I haven't used this a lot yet because I own lots of  body lotion, butters etc, but on the occasions that I have used it, its very creamy, absorbs into the skin nicely, no sitting around waiting for it to dry, and no film like residue is left on your skin afterwards either. This was £2.50 for 50ml
Butter Yourself.
This is the thickest formula for body butter I have ever felt, its so rich and smoothing. I only need a little amount of this products because it spreads so easily over my skin. I can honestly say I prefer this to my Body Shop body butters and I never thought I would say that. This is £10.50 for 300ml.
Scrub 'em and Leave 'em and The Righteous Butter.
I haven't tried either of these yet, because as you may have noticed, I  have a lot of  products to try. The Scrub 'em and Leave 'em is a body buff for the shower, every similar to their Sugar Crush just without the gorgeous smell and The Righteous Butter is another body lotions which isn't so thick. They were both £2.50 for 50ml

Well, anyone else have an addiction to Soap & Glory? or  an addiction to another brand, let me know in the comments.

Rebecca xo

Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Favourites

I have never done a monthly favorites post before or even a favorites post, but this month their has been quite a few products that I have been really really loving and I thought that it would be a perfect reason to do my first favorites.

Skin Care:
1) Neutrogena, Visibly Clear, Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion.
I don't really suffer a lot with blackheads however when they do decide to appear on my nose, then hundred of them appear at once and attack my nose, so I decided to finally do something about it, I vaguely new about this product from it's adverts on the telly, so I went searching for it in Boots, they sell the cleansing lotion and a face scrub, now I don't use face scrubs purely because I forget that their in the bathroom and I end up not using them, so it becomes a waste, so  I got the cleansing lotion. It has been FANTASTIC! It completely cleared up my blackheads, and it has kept them at bay, I apply it morning and night, just to my nose, it says you can apply it to your whole face and neck but I did that a few times and it made my eyes water and sting because its quite a strong product. I 100% recommend this product because it did exactly what it said it would and didn't cause me to break out.
 - £3.99 for 200ml from Boots, and because you don't need a lot, it lasts a long time.

2) Nivea, Daily Essentials, Rich Regenerating, Night Cream.
I only bought this because I love the day cream, and was applying the day cream at night, as well as the morning and I was going through the product way to quickly. I got the one for dry and sensitive skin, I don't have dry skin but I do have sensitive skin, and this night cream makes my face feel so moisterised before bed that personally it makes me feel refreshed before I go to bed, it just reminds me that all my make up is off and my skin is clean.
- £4.35 for 50ml from Boots, I get this when its on buy one get one free.

3) Nivea, Daily Essentials, Refreshing Toner.
I fancied a change, I have used Simple's toner for years, and I think my skin just got bored of it, so I switched to this, I went for Nivea because they are a skincare company which always have good reviews. I use this toner morning and night, just apply it all over my face, and I can confirm it is refreshing. It's always cold, so for me wakes my face up in the morning. Its soft on my skin, didn't cause me to break out, and left my skin feeling nice, not as if I still had a layer of product on my face, which it what my Simple one started to do.
- £3.59 for 200ml from Boots, I am going to repurchase this when it's on offer, so I have a spare.

Make Up:
1) Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart. I own quite a few of the lip butters, but at the moment this colour is my favourite, I put it on straight after I have done my make up and before I do my hair, so that I have a full face of make up before I style my hair. I have also found that this colour goes perfectly with my bright blonde hair. Revlon lip butters are so nourishing, creamy and transfer quite a lot of colour, and I have also found that they colour doesn't where off straight away.
- £7.99 from Boots, and I have just seen that they have recently brought out some new colours :)

2) Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in the shade Buff. I struggle with foundation, I think I have found the perfect colour match, and then at some point, it will make me look orange, which is why I switched to Garnier BB Cream, which gives my skin a perfect glow but not enough coverage. I have heard a lot about this foundation, so I decided to give it ago, I matched myself to the second lightest shade and I have used it for about 2 weeks now and it has been amazing, the coverage is fantastic it lasts all day, doesn't cake on my skin and I only have to use a small amount. 
- £12.49 for 30ml from Boots, it's slightly pricey but it does everything it says it would.

3) Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in Light. I bought this because it was next to the foundation, and it is actually beating Collections lasting perfection concealer for me at the moment, its a cream texture, covers all my blemishes, blends really well into my skin, and isn't visible on my skin after all my foundation has worn off (like my lasting perfection) I went for the shade Light because the Light/Medium was slightly orange on my skin after I had blended it in.
- £6.49 from Boots, will repurchase this when it's the 3 for 2 event.

4) Revlon Photo Ready Face Powder in Light/Medium. I am a massive face powder fan, I have a large pot of translucent powder, and was going through it too quickly so I got the powder when it was 3 for 2. I know the foundation is colour stay and the powder is photo ready but they work brilliantly together, it sets my foundation perfectly, doesn't remove the foundation whilst I am brushing it onto my face. I wanted to get the shade Light but the Boots I went to was out of stock of it, but I actually prefer the Light/Medium because it means I don't have to wear bronzer.
- £11.29 for 7g from Boots, definitely my new favourite powder.

Soap & Glory

1) Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body spray, I got this from my parents at Christmas, but where we were moving house, it went straight into a box, and I forgot about it until last week when I found it again. I have literally fallen in love with this scent. Its so sweet and floral, I have worn it every single day for the last week. It is so nice that my mum has gone and bought herself one.
- £6.50 for 200ml from Boots.

2) Soap & Glory Dr Spot. I bought this because it was 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory and I didn't fancy anything else, and I have suffered with spots lately, and this product has been amazing, its a clear gel, that you put on where-ever and whenever you feel a spot and it reduces redness and clears them up. It definitely reduces redness, I put it on a night and my spots where less prominent in the morning, I think it actually pro-longed the time the spots were on my skin but they have cleared up and no pain, whereas if I would have popped them, I could of had a scab or mark for ages but the spot would of been gone quicker. So in the long run, I'd prefer to use Dr Spot than popping spots.
- £8.00 for 15ml from Boots.

3) Soap & Glory Love at First Blush, blushing powder. I have worn this for months and months. It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It lasts for a long time, you don't have to apply loads, it's rather pigmented and once on your cheeks, it has a slight shimmer which in the sun looks so pretty.
- £11.00 for 7.5g from Boots.

That's all my favourites at the moment, what's yours?

Rebecca xo

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

new blog! new blog! new blog!

I have created a new blog, I am still going to continue this beauty blog, but keep this blog purely for beauty and fashion, however my new blog is all about my Slimming World Journey. I have joined Slimming World, to help me lose some weight for the summer, and for my trip to Borneo. 
I am going to me posting daily food diaries, weekly weigh in updates, recipes and much more, to keep me motivated and keep me on track.

I would love it if you popped over and had a look, and give me a follow.

Lots of Love

Rebecca xo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vintage BirdCage Lamp

I love anything shabby chic and I am going to decorate my new bedroom Shabby Chic, I have got quite a few pieces so far, and the one thing I have been desperate to get my hands on, its a vintage style birdcage, I saw one in Dunelm Mill which was beautiful, however the cream fake flowers inside would get dusty pretty quick and it would of been difficult to clean. So, their me and my mum were, wandering around the home department at Wilkinsons and I spotted the most perfect bed side lamp ever.

 I instantly picked it up, didn't even look at the price and bought it. I believe it was either £18 or £25, I know that's a big gap but I really cant remember and I am not sure where my receipt is. It shines so bright but surprisingly you can hardly see the bulb through all the crystal like beads.


The little birdy on the top is just adorable. If you know of anywhere that sells cute, quirky vintage and/or shabby chic pieces, then please let me know.. I love to get more :)

Rebecca xo


Getting back into the swing of things, I have finally moved house, I have got myself a new job, joined SlimmingWorld, so things are all looking up. Now that I am some what settled I am able to well and truly get back into blogging  :) I have read up about loosing GFC soon, so I thought it would be a good time to link to my bloglovin page :) go and follow me on there, to ensure you don't miss out :)

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Rebecca xo

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One Door Closes, Another One Opens.

I haven't blogged since February :O but that is because I am finally moving house on Friday, after months and months of house dealings, we are finally moving, and I am now starting to get a little sad, this house, is my first and only home, I grew up here, 18 whole years of my life I have spent here, and it seems so strange that someone else is going to be living in it, and that I am going to be somewhere else. Whilst writing this I am sat on my bedroom floor, as I have literally no furniture left in my room, my bed is a mattress on the floor, which is surprisingly comfortable, and I am listening to 5ive, B*Witched, S Club 7 and A1, as you do :) I will get back into blogging properly once I am moved in, and my new bedroom will hopefully have better light so I can take more photos, do more reviews and get my blog back up to scratch. So, this is my last little post from my home.. I will miss this little railway cottage, its strange just how attached you get it a house, woah, actually have a tear in my eye, I am getting way to sentimental. 
I will miss so much, the crazy Chinese Fish Bar across the road, I have lost count of the amount of times I have whipped their Heat magazine from the counter, or taken pictures of myself in their just because its funny, the crazy old man who drives around like a maniac on his mobility scooter with his personalized number plate and rather large union flag. I am leaving behind so many memories here, but I guess I shall just have to create so many more in my new house, and one good thing, I am gaining an extra bedroom, but that is going to be my walk-in wardrobe, as I have way to many clothes.. whooops..
All thats left for me to say, is GoodBye my little home.. I shall miss you.. Number 40.. I hope the new owners enjoy my little house as much as I have .. 

My Empty Bedroom.

Rebecca xo

Monday, 25 February 2013

My Immune System Sucks.

Woah, I haven't blogged for over a week, crazy, well, I have NOT been well at all, I had struck down with the flu, and February makes the sixth month in a row that I have been ill and have had to take time off work. Now I hate being ill, just hate it, the idea of being stuck in bed or on the sofa for ages just ergh, annoys me. I started feeling ill last Saturday morning, and I just got worse throughout the day, Sunday I spent all day on the sofa, I braved work on Monday but got sent home after an hour and a half and then ended up spending all week on the sofa, because I literally couldn't move, I was so ill. It is only today that I have felt 100% better, over a week on. I usually well for the past sixth months, have got tonsillitis, but this time it was the flu. I have had numerous blood tests at the doctors to see if everythings working, and it is, I was classed completely normal (others would debate this), I was negative for Glandular Fever, so I literally just have a rubbish immune system. 
Now, as you know I am off to Borneo in September, if you didn't know click here to see the blog post on it, I am off to work with the Orangutans for two weeks, and well I cannot afford to have this rubbish so called immune system them, I know I have to have 8/9 vaccinations before I go but I still need to build up my immune system to prevent me catching anything, not just in Boreo but in day to day life. 
I already want to lose weight, and am starting eating healthy and exercising, but I am going to just altogether cut out the crap, putting it bluntly, I have done this before when I wanted to lose weight and for me it works. I literally just don't eat the chocolate, sweets, pizza and all junk food. I find if its not in the house, then I don't want it. Where at the moment I have moving house, so everything's in boxes and my life is kind of up in the air, feel like I am lodging in my own home, as we could get told any day that we are moving, so its all slightly hetic, which makes having a set routine very very hard, but as soon as I am all moved in, it will be a hell of a lot easier to get into a routine, sort my eating out, get daily exercise going, and actually feel settled and relaxed. 

Healthy things I am going to to try are:
Hot water with fresh slice of lemon first thing in the morning.
I am joining Slimming World with my mum, as where we are moving, the local meeting place is literally 5 mins from my house, so that will encourage me to actually go.
Obviously cutting out the junk food.
Drinking less alcohol.
Making more homemade food, so that I know what goes into my food and nothings hidden.
Actually have at least 3 of my five fruit and veg a day.

photo from

They are just what I am going to do for starters, if you have any recommendations then please let me know. I am all ears, and the more I can find out and try the better :)      

Rebecca xo

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

OOTE - Valentines Day 'Night'

I know its a couple of days after Valentines Day, but I was waiting on the club I went to, to upload their photos because I had one taken and I wanted to include it in this post.
So, I am single, so Valentines Day for me consisted of, doing a little bit of shopping in town and then coming home and spending hours and hours getting ready for a night out in town with one of my closest friends. I usually have a mare at picking an outfit when I go out, whatever I originally decide is never what I actually go out into town in, but hey ho, that's just me.

First Outfit:
 I know the photo on the left is a little grainy but I took it, then cleaned my camera lens and then I didn't like the rest of the photos, so I have included the grainy one.
My dress is brand new, I actually bought it during my Valentines Day shopping trip, its from River Island, it was £35.00 and it is such a vibrant coral/orange. I absolutely love it, it's different to the styles of dresses I usually buy, for me I don't think skater dresses suit me, but this one it did. I have found it on the River Island website if you wanted to take a look, just click here.

Second Outfit:
 After staring in the mirror for a long time, I started to talk myself out of wearing the orange dress, mainly because it was my first time wearing it out, and I didn't feel that confident, I think I need to wear it on a night out, where I know I won't be out until 3am so that I have the time to feel confident in it. So, I tried on my black dress from H&M, now this picture doesn't do this dress justice, it looks as if its just a plain black dress, where actually the back top half is all lace, now I own this dress in black and in red, I bought both because it was only £14.99 and it suits my body shape perfectly. 
 If you click here, it will take you to the H&M website to see the dress in more detail.

Eventually I decided on wearing my black H&M dress, and I just teamed it with a casual loose fitting blazer, black wedge heels and a necklace to add some colour.

(courtesy of Vodka Revolution)
We had a fantastic night out, met up with plenty of friends, and drank slightly too much, but the atmosphere out in town was really good, everyone was in such a good mood and for once their was NO fights, which does make a change, so I really enjoyed myself.
Then, to my surprise when I got home at around 3.30am, their was a single red rose and a card for me, on my doorstep, which was really sweet, and for some reason I decided to take a drunken photo with my rose, which shockingly actually looks quite arty, so I happily uploaded it to Instagram :)

So, that was my valentines, how was yours?

Rebecca xo

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Who needs a boyfriend on Valentines when you find gorgeous shoes for only £4.99

Seeing as its valentines day, it seems appropriate to do a post on love, however this kind of love, is the kind you get you find an amazing pair of shoes, that just so happen to have 75% off and have the right size, that actually fit.
Where I live we dont actually have many shops that are purely just for shoes, they all got closed down during the recession, so its on Clarks, and I can't say that I shop in there, however we now have a new shop called Deichmann which I had never heard of at all, today me and my mum took a wander in their and they have the most gorgeous shoes, for really affordable prices. The shoes are good quality as well, which makes it even better, and they also amazing handbags in there, the sort of handbags that if you went to TopShop they would be £75 but instead in Deichmann their £12.99.. I know, just insane.. 

Aren't they just beautiful..
I don't know why they had 75% off, they were in perfect condition, I think it was because it was their opening week and they were promoting many different styles that they sell. It did take me a while actually believe that they were £4.99 considering originally they are £19.99, but they went through the till as £.499. These shoes have got to be my bargain of the year

 I know I have posted a lot of photos of this one pair of shoes, but they are so gorgeous, and I just love the fact they are £4.99. If you have a Deichmann shop near you I really would suggest taking a look because they have such amazing deals on amazing shoes, or you could look on their website, just click here.

Whats your favourite shoes? Found any bargains like this one recently, I would love to know.

Rebecca xo

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Daily Essentails

I am one of those people who religiously does the same skincare routine every morning and every night, I never used to be like this, until I learnt at college how to do a proper cleansing routine and since then it has just been a routine I have gotten into, so I thought I would share it with you.

The Six Products I Use:
ღ Garnier Face Wipes
ღ Simple Toning Cleaner
ღ Simple Toner
ღ Neutrogena Cleansing Lotion
ღ Nivea Day Cream
 ღ Simple Eye Roll-On
 Step One
After I have washed my face in the morning I then just go over it with a Garnier Ultra Cleansing Wet Wipes, I use the ones which are suitable for sensitive skin, I have only recently switched to using these, I used to use just Simple wet wipes but I decided I needed a change and give my skin a change. I find these wet wipes really refreshing on my skin, they have no perfume, no alcohol and no colourants which makes them feel really fresh, they don't feel rough at all which is one thing I love about them.

Step Two 
I then pour Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser onto a cotton pad and wipe this all over my face and down onto my neck, I have tried many cleaners, but none seem to like my skin, they all caused me to break out, until I started using this, it loves my skin, as well leaving my skin cleansed it also removes the last few traces of make up that the wet wipe had missed.

 Step Three
After I apply Simple Smoothing Facial Toner to a cotton pad and gently move the cotton pad in a upwards motion around my face. I have used this toner for a long time, everytime the bottle is empty I just instantly repurchase it without any queries, but I have actually bought Nivea's toner to try once this bottle finishes, which will be very soon. 

Step Four
I have only been using this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion for about a month and a half, I never used to suffer with blackheads but recently I had loads on my nose that just appeared from nowhere, I remembered seeing this product advertised on telly, so I bought it. I can honestly say I have noticed a visibly clear difference, the blackheads on my nose had reduced considerably and no new blackheads have appeared. On the bottle it says to wipe all over your face and neck but to avoid contact with your eyes, I tried this about 4/5 times but it just stung my skin something terrible, I had tears in my eyes, so I stopped and now I only apply it to nose and chin. I use this morning and night and would highly recommend this product if you suffer with blackheads.

Step Five
Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream, this is another product that I have only just started using, I used to use Simple 12hour Moisturiser, which I love and will go back to one day, I just needed to have a change, and I know everyone raves about Nivea, and I must say it is a really good moisturiser, it leaves my skin feeling so soft, it doesn't last as long as the 12hour Simple Moisturiser but it really nourishes my skin.

Step Six
Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, I use this in the mornings, I bought it to try and get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, I can't say I notice a difference but I still use it everyday because it does refresh under my eyes just after I have woken up and it makes feel more awake.

Now, that's my skin care routine, have you tried any of these products? What products would you recommend for alternatives, I am always open to change?

Rebecca xo

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