Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One adorable hotel room.

Due to me and my family working over Christmas, this year is the first year that I won't be seeing my Grandparents :( so they came up today and are staying for four days, because we are moving house, it means that they cannot stay with us, because their is so many cardboard boxes everywhere, its slightly awkward to move around, so they are staying in a hotel, when they arrived the got an instant upgrade and when we went to see their room, I actually said ''aww'' as I walked in, it is so cute, literally the cutest hotel room I have ever seen. It was so lovely and warm, quite spacious and decorated really sweet.

Like you would expect with hotel rooms, it had the complimentary toiletries, which smelt really nice, I had never heard of the brand, but since have found out that the are a brand from Indiana and are one of the best spa, bath and body brands in the world. The samples they provided were a mineral bubble bath, shampoo-conditioner, body lotion and a soap.
They also provided two shower caps, a vanity kit: which consisted of, cotton buds, cotton pads and a nail file, and they also provided some shoe polish. They little packages all had quirky phrases on them.
Like I said earlier, the room was decorated really sweet, the furniture was dark, but it had really funky flower bed covers, these two enormous quirky butterfly lamps, a mirror which seemed to be dedicated to sport, has it had tennis rackets engraved in the top, and like all hotel rooms, had your breakfast menu and a do not disturb sign (which also had a quirky phrase on it.)
Finally, if this room couldn't get any cuter, they are being all festive and have put a little decorated Christmas tree in the room too. 

So, now that I have established everything to do with this hotel room, I think its safe to say that it is ridiculously cute, makes me wish I was staying there and my Grandparents were staying at mine.

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