Friday, 14 December 2012

H&M Nail Varnish.

I mainly only wear 'branded' nail varnish because I feel they are good quality, but my mum bought me this gorgeous Nail Polish Kit from H&M, which was a selection of really pretty colours, you get six nail varnishes. I decided to paint my nails with the Peacock Green colour, however before I applied the colour, I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition, Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener, due to work, my nails get very weak, break easily and also the cold weather doesn't help :( so I am trying out this new strengthener, I have applied it to my nails a few times now and I have actually noticed a difference, my nails do feel stronger. So, during my home manicure, I applied the strengthener once, then one coat of my Revlon Base Coat, I then applied two coats of the green H&M nail polish, I did two coats because I like my nail varnish thick and for the colour to be solid and stand out, I then finished off my home manicure with one coat of my Revlon Top Coat. 
The Sally Hanson Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener is £7.95, and the green tea and bamboo bonds together and seals weak nail layers, to resist your nails from peeling, breaking and tearing. Both the Revlon base coat and top coats are £6.49 from Boots.
Left to Right:
Metall Me
Purple Potion
Golden Days
Nude Dude
Peacock Green
Purple Sparkle
This nail varnish applied really easily, didn't fall off the brush, wasn't clumpy when it was brushed onto my nails, didn't smudge and to top it all off, it dried relatively quickly :) 

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  1. That colour is amazing x