Monday, 31 December 2012

Final Instagram Diary of 2012

Woah, where has the year gone, this time last year I was moaning that 2012 is going to go so slow because it was my 18th Birthday and that I was going to be the last one of all my friends to turn 18, but I couldn't be more wrong, its gone so so fast, its been a mixture of a year, must say I am looking forward until 2013.. (as i write this its on 6 and a half hours away) exciting times. So to end the year, I decided my last blog post shall be a Instagram Diary of December. :) So here it is.

Top Left - A cute image I found on Pinterest.
Top Right - My advent calender
Bottom Left - Alarms set for work.
Bottom Right - Door number 2.

Top Left - The label on my Christmas Jumper.
Top Right - January addition of Vogue.
Bottom Left - My fantastic gold glitter stilettos that I bought for my works Christmas party.

Top Left - My cute penguin jimjams from Primark
Top Right - James Arthur's single, I downloaded it seconds after he was announced the winner.
Bottom Left - I am 100% addicted to the game Temple Run, if you have never plated it, download it, its so good.
Bottom Right - A cute Christmas scene on

Top Left - Another adorable image from weheartit.
Top Right - My immense hot chocolate.
Bottom Left - The door notice at where my Grandparents stayed.
Bottom Right - My cute Christmas decorations.

Top Left - Me at 830am on Christmas Eve Morning after working all through the night.
Top Right - Think I order dominoes too much, as they wished my Merry Christmas.
Bottom Left - I got to 4million on Temple Run, I was so happy.
Bottom Right - Me with my dad, and my cousin at the pub on Christmas Eve.

Top Left - My Christmas jimjams from Marks and Spencer.
Top Right and Bottom Left - My Christmas Pudding Christmas Jumper from Primark, that I wore on Christmas Day and after work on Boxing Day.
Bottom Right - My quirky present from my parents.

Top Left - COMFY CLOTHES! Nothing better than putting on a jumper, hoody, slippers and cute fleece  bottoms from Primark.
Top Right - My first Essie nail polish in Ballet Slipper.
Bottom Left and Right - Final day outfit of 2012, went off shopping in town.

Hope you all enjoyed these Instagrams, my name on there is rebeccajane 1994, go on follow me (:
Have a fantastic New Years, and I shall blog again in 2013.. ahh exciting.....

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