Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Party

On Saturday I am going to my works Christmas Party, their is 70 of us going to a posh hotel for a meal and to party, now at work we have all been discussing outfits and I have changed my outfit three times now,  but I have finally got a gorgeous dress and the most stunning shoes, so I literally cannot wait now, I just want to wear my new shoes everywhere. I have decided that I am going to wear my hair up, as my dress has a lace detail on the front and I am going to have quite natural make up, but have gold glittery eyeshadow and coral lipstick.

The lighting was really bad when I took this photo as its the evening, however its s black sheer dress, its a dip hemmed dress, and the top half has three lace panels, its stunning, and looks gorgeous on. I got it from River Island and it was on offer at £25. (here's the think to see a better image: ) 

As my dress is quite classic, I am having gold accessories, I got this stunning beaded clutch bag from New Look, and it was in the sale, only £9.99 and it was originally £19.99, so that was a bargain. 

Unfortunately, some of the beads have come off :( but luckily that will be where I shall be holding the clutch bag, so no-one will know. Now, my shoes. I wanted gold glitter shoes, and I walked into the shoe section of New Look, and these shoes were just there, staring at me, I grabbed my size and instantly tried them on. 

I just love them, they were only £19.99, now I don't usually wear stilettos, because I can't usually walk in them, I am a wedges girl really, but I just had to have these, and because they weren't ridiculously high, I can actually walk in them, which is fantastic, because they go so well with my dress.

I also got this gold diamante bracelet from Debenhams, this was also in the sale at £12.60, I wanted minimal jewellery and I wanted the one bracelet I wear to stand out, and this bracelet definitely does that.

I shall tweet and instagram on Saturday night of my whole outfit altogether, with my hair and make up done before I go out, so make sure you follow me on both to see the finished look.

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