Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Review.

Whilst sat here listening to christmas songs, I thought I would do my review on the new Barry M nail paints. Now, I absolutely love having my nails done, I wish I could have either fake nails all the time and my nails to not get ruined or to have my nails always painted and for them to never chip but unfortuantely neither of them are possible. Therefore I am always trying out many different nail polishes, nail strenghteners and fake nails. I counted all my nail varnishes the other day and I had 52 (slightly obsessive I know). Now, I love gel nails, but hate having to go back to the salon every 2-3 weeks to get them re-done, I heard that ASDA have brought out a 'Gel Nail Kit For Home' which if it wasn't £60 I would happily buy it so I decided to try the Barry M nail paint, I bought it in the colour Blueberry it was only £3.99. Whenever I paint my nails I always apply my Revlon basecoat beforehand and then my Revlon top coat afterwards.

I only needed to apply one coat of base, two coats of the Gelly Hi Shine and then one coat of the top coat, and surprisingly it didn't take too long to dry, it was easy to apply and didn't clump onto my nails but left my nails looking as if they were gel nails, so, so far so good (:

Where I work in retail, and spend my day unpacking delieveries, re-stickering hangers and working stock, painted nails only ever last a day, but this time my nails lasted a week and a half, two days away from two weeks. I was so pleased, the colour looked gorgeous and didn't instantly chip if you just knocked your hand. I think another reason why after so long big clumps just started coming off, was because I had a basecoat on and that just peeled the whole nail off instead of little chips coming off.

My nails after a week and a half
Overall, I loved the colour, loved how my nails looked whilst they were painted and was actually impressed at how long it stayed on for. I would like them to bring out this type of nail varnish in even more colours, as they don't actually have that many in this range :(
Oh, and just quickly, its 20 days until christmas .. wahoo...
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