Friday, 7 December 2012

All wrapped up.

So, its the 7th of December, and I have bought all my christmas presents, wrapped them all and placed them all in their giftbags, woah! I'm usually still out on christmas eve shopping for presents so this year, I am so proud of myself. I only buy for my grandparents and parents, because I am an only child, I don't have siblings to buy for. I have done two main presents and then a tree present for them all, I usually do more, but this month I havent got that much money because I have been going out an socialisng, and having to pay rent, my phone bill, my gym membership :(
Now, whenever I buy presents for someone, I love wrapping the present up, as much as I do buying it, so I always go all out, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, gift tags and gift bags, and this year I battled with card factory to get it all, the queue was all the way to the back of the store, and I almost dropped everything, and then someone tried to jump infront of me in the queue, which I had already been in for about 10minutes at this bought, I can safely say my festive spirit disappeared slightly then. The wrapping paper I bought, was brilliant quality and only 99p a role, the bows and ribbon were 59p for a set (which included 8 mini bows and a roll of ribbon), the gift tags were 39p for 6 and then I got the gift bags from Primark, which were between £1.00 and £1.50.
This is my Grandma's gift bag of presents.


These are they most yummiest chocolates I have ever tried, they were only £3.00 from River Island.

My mum got me this cute door hanger to count down the days until Christmas, I know I am 18, but Christmas still excites me.
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