Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Phonecase ..

I have waited 28 days for this phonecase to arrive, and it's finally here. I have wanted a 3D crystal covered phonecase for so long, but they have always been too expensive, or I would buy the cheap phones from stores and the sequins would fall off within a few weeks, until I searched through amazon, and found this gorgeous floral rhinestone case, it was only £5.98 and the delivery was free, so I went for it. It had to be shipped all the way from Hong Kong which is why it took so long to be delivered. The details of the phonecase sounded good, and I thought because it was coming from Hong Kong then hopefully it would be made well and the rhinestones wouldn't fall of. When I opened the package, I was stunned by how beautiful it was, my mum had teased me ever since I bought it because the image on Amazon looks very wedding-y but in real life it's not, it's stunning. The rhinestones just sparkle in the light, and the pink flowers are actually metal and are so secure.

Here's the link from where I bought this phonecase - 

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