Monday, 12 November 2012

Instagram Diary - October/Beginning of November.

Thought I would do a little instagram diary, and then I realised that I had actually instagrammed a lot so I created little collages of all the photos..

Top Left - Found out Marks&Spencer do individual walnut whips.
Top Right - Me and my great friend Ginty on a night out, practically wearing the same outfit.
Bottom Left - My brand new side cut out gold and black dress from New Look £29.99
Bottom Right - Me and my mum, the day she found out she got the all clear and her Breast Cancer hadn't returned.

Top Left - I bought my first ever pair of American Apparel disco pants £74.00 (but I had a sneaky 15% discount)

Top Right - Tried my first ever lot of colourful vodka shots
Bottom Left - It's Halloween, I dressed up as a kitty cat.
Bottom Right - I bought these skull goblets from ASDA £1.50 each, and then drank Marks and Spencer Pink Fizz from them.

Top Left - I am currently moving house, and we started to clear the loft and instead of carrying things down the stairs, we threw it out my bedroom window.
Top Right - Whilst clearing the loft, I found the Monsters Inc Game of Life and now cannot stop playing it.
Bottom Left - Gave myself a manicure, using Revlon top and base coat, and then N.Y.C. Bright Pink nail polish, and topped it off with Rimmel Glitter top coat.
Bottom Right - I bought some new jim jams £5.00 from Primark and the socks were £3.50

Top Left - I went to the pub with my mummy :)
Top Right - The nights empty glasses, and then our last round of Malibu's.
Bottom Left - We decided to have a KFC on out way home from the pub, and I decided to wear the bucket as a hat.
Bottom Right - My dad did a firework display in our back garden.

Top Left - My mum cooked a roast dinner for the first time in ages.
Top Right - Had a evening where I decided to take a new twitter picture.
Bottom Left - Whoops, been shopping on-line with River Island again.
Bottom Right - The recipe to Sammi from BeautyCrush's Banana Nut Granola. Try it, its so simple and it takes fantastic and thats coming from a girl who hates bananas, but I love this.

Top Left - I think someone had a little bit of trouble whilst trying to deposit their trolley at ASDA.
Top Right - Whilst in the process of moving house, I had to de clutter my wardrobe, and I realised I was housing a lot of coat hangers.
Bottom Left - The best crisps in the world.
Bottom Right - My trust cream and gold watch from River Island £22.00 and then my brand new gold cross watch from Miss Selfridges £6.50.

Hope you enjoyed this little Instagram Diary.
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