Monday, 13 August 2012

getting closer to getting my beloved Gerald.

I am completely and utterly obsessed with Sausage Dogs, and am very vocal at the fact I want one and he will be called Gerald. My dad is 100% against it as he says their "not manly enough for him" and mum wasn't the keenest either, but I haven't given up, the other week my mum found a tiny sausage dog ornament at an antiques fair, which she got for me, although if wasn't the real thing I was over the moon :) and then yesterday my dad surprised me with a new cushion which has a Sausage Dog on it, and too top it all off, today my mum was out at another Antiques fair where she promptly rang me to tell me that she has seen three Sausage Dogs, an now she wants one too and believes we should get one :D so only dad to convince now, which will take some time, but I'm I think I will get their eventually. Hopefully it won't be long until Gerald is mine :D

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