Monday, 31 December 2012

Final Instagram Diary of 2012

Woah, where has the year gone, this time last year I was moaning that 2012 is going to go so slow because it was my 18th Birthday and that I was going to be the last one of all my friends to turn 18, but I couldn't be more wrong, its gone so so fast, its been a mixture of a year, must say I am looking forward until 2013.. (as i write this its on 6 and a half hours away) exciting times. So to end the year, I decided my last blog post shall be a Instagram Diary of December. :) So here it is.

Top Left - A cute image I found on Pinterest.
Top Right - My advent calender
Bottom Left - Alarms set for work.
Bottom Right - Door number 2.

Top Left - The label on my Christmas Jumper.
Top Right - January addition of Vogue.
Bottom Left - My fantastic gold glitter stilettos that I bought for my works Christmas party.

Top Left - My cute penguin jimjams from Primark
Top Right - James Arthur's single, I downloaded it seconds after he was announced the winner.
Bottom Left - I am 100% addicted to the game Temple Run, if you have never plated it, download it, its so good.
Bottom Right - A cute Christmas scene on

Top Left - Another adorable image from weheartit.
Top Right - My immense hot chocolate.
Bottom Left - The door notice at where my Grandparents stayed.
Bottom Right - My cute Christmas decorations.

Top Left - Me at 830am on Christmas Eve Morning after working all through the night.
Top Right - Think I order dominoes too much, as they wished my Merry Christmas.
Bottom Left - I got to 4million on Temple Run, I was so happy.
Bottom Right - Me with my dad, and my cousin at the pub on Christmas Eve.

Top Left - My Christmas jimjams from Marks and Spencer.
Top Right and Bottom Left - My Christmas Pudding Christmas Jumper from Primark, that I wore on Christmas Day and after work on Boxing Day.
Bottom Right - My quirky present from my parents.

Top Left - COMFY CLOTHES! Nothing better than putting on a jumper, hoody, slippers and cute fleece  bottoms from Primark.
Top Right - My first Essie nail polish in Ballet Slipper.
Bottom Left and Right - Final day outfit of 2012, went off shopping in town.

Hope you all enjoyed these Instagrams, my name on there is rebeccajane 1994, go on follow me (:
Have a fantastic New Years, and I shall blog again in 2013.. ahh exciting.....

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Jolly Festive Few Days

Left: How I felt after I worked all through the early hours on Christmas Eve
Right: My festive Christmas jimjams (Marks and Spencer)
Christmas, the one time of the year, for family and celebrations.. I wish.. I spent Christmas Eve at work, Boxing Day at work and the day after Boxing Day at work. I even had to be at work for 00.01 on Christmas Eve and work until 8am, all through the early hours when we believed the store would be so quiet, except, the general public went mad, queuing outside the store from 11pm, I understand to get your last minute bits and bobs, but not at 3 'o' clock in the morning. Its insane. However, rant over.. I had a fantastic Christmas, got spoilt like crazy, every year me and my family have a, tradition I guess that we follow, we open stockings in the morning, then have scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast, we then all get ready and have a class of champagne. My Grandma cooks Christmas Dinner, perfectly, we usually eat a festive feast about 1:15-1:30pm, we eat until we are completely full and then we eat even more with my Grandma's delicious Christmas Pudding, which I get to light. Once we cannot move because we have eaten so much, we watch the Queens Speech and then open all the presents underneath the tree :) 

Unfortunately, this year, due to work, we were unable to go to my grandparents and they were unable to come to us, so I had my first Christmas at home, which seemed strange but was relaxed, but we Skyped them when it was present opening time, to see the joy on their faces, it was like they were there with us :) 

Christmas Eve Drinks with my cousin and our festive glasses.

It wouldn't be Christmas without the classic Christmas jumper, this one was from Primark for £12.00, me and my parents all wore the same on Christmas Day, 
I used to love getting presents, and Christmas was all about everything I got, however this year, it meant 

more to me, buying other people presents, seeing the joy on my mums face when she opened her Robbie Williams tickets, and my dad when he got 10 Fishing DVD's ( mainly because I never let fishing be on the main tv). Christmas, for me this year, was definitely all about family. That's why I am not going to parade all the gifts I got, just two that are pretty awesome.

 I got the BEST washing up gloves ever, because where me and my parents are moving, I am getting my own bathroom, which I have to clean myself, so my parents got me these, because they thought if I liked the look of them, then I would want to use them and might actually clean. Another present was these Wind Up Racing Meerkats, now I love meerkats, they are by far my favourite animal, and I had so much fun watching these race across my kitchen floor, their little heads wobble side to side, but they did tend to like to smash into the dishwasher door.. 

Now that Christmas is over and its only 4 days until New Year, it has got me thinking about resolutions, my list is starting to build up:

                                       -Loose Weight (the classic)

                                       - New Job
                                       - Get Driving
                                       - Buy A Car 
               - Start to save money, not save and then spend all on a night out.

Those are the basics I shall start with, but I am sure I will think of more.
Hope you all had a fantastic festive Christmas :) I shall do a final instagram diary of 2012 on the 31st :) 

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Friday, 14 December 2012

H&M Nail Varnish.

I mainly only wear 'branded' nail varnish because I feel they are good quality, but my mum bought me this gorgeous Nail Polish Kit from H&M, which was a selection of really pretty colours, you get six nail varnishes. I decided to paint my nails with the Peacock Green colour, however before I applied the colour, I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition, Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener, due to work, my nails get very weak, break easily and also the cold weather doesn't help :( so I am trying out this new strengthener, I have applied it to my nails a few times now and I have actually noticed a difference, my nails do feel stronger. So, during my home manicure, I applied the strengthener once, then one coat of my Revlon Base Coat, I then applied two coats of the green H&M nail polish, I did two coats because I like my nail varnish thick and for the colour to be solid and stand out, I then finished off my home manicure with one coat of my Revlon Top Coat. 
The Sally Hanson Green Tea and Bamboo Strengthener is £7.95, and the green tea and bamboo bonds together and seals weak nail layers, to resist your nails from peeling, breaking and tearing. Both the Revlon base coat and top coats are £6.49 from Boots.
Left to Right:
Metall Me
Purple Potion
Golden Days
Nude Dude
Peacock Green
Purple Sparkle
This nail varnish applied really easily, didn't fall off the brush, wasn't clumpy when it was brushed onto my nails, didn't smudge and to top it all off, it dried relatively quickly :) 

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One adorable hotel room.

Due to me and my family working over Christmas, this year is the first year that I won't be seeing my Grandparents :( so they came up today and are staying for four days, because we are moving house, it means that they cannot stay with us, because their is so many cardboard boxes everywhere, its slightly awkward to move around, so they are staying in a hotel, when they arrived the got an instant upgrade and when we went to see their room, I actually said ''aww'' as I walked in, it is so cute, literally the cutest hotel room I have ever seen. It was so lovely and warm, quite spacious and decorated really sweet.

Like you would expect with hotel rooms, it had the complimentary toiletries, which smelt really nice, I had never heard of the brand, but since have found out that the are a brand from Indiana and are one of the best spa, bath and body brands in the world. The samples they provided were a mineral bubble bath, shampoo-conditioner, body lotion and a soap.
They also provided two shower caps, a vanity kit: which consisted of, cotton buds, cotton pads and a nail file, and they also provided some shoe polish. They little packages all had quirky phrases on them.
Like I said earlier, the room was decorated really sweet, the furniture was dark, but it had really funky flower bed covers, these two enormous quirky butterfly lamps, a mirror which seemed to be dedicated to sport, has it had tennis rackets engraved in the top, and like all hotel rooms, had your breakfast menu and a do not disturb sign (which also had a quirky phrase on it.)
Finally, if this room couldn't get any cuter, they are being all festive and have put a little decorated Christmas tree in the room too. 

So, now that I have established everything to do with this hotel room, I think its safe to say that it is ridiculously cute, makes me wish I was staying there and my Grandparents were staying at mine.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Follow Me On Tumblr

I have had tumblr for a while, but honestly never really understood it, or how to use it, but now, I have worked it out and I am absolutely obsessed, you could almost say addicted. I love going on weheartit as well, finding all the cute images and their sharing them on my tumblr dashboard.. also I actually love weheartit more than pintrest.. So you should definitely follow me on tumblr..

Image from

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Friday, 7 December 2012

All wrapped up.

So, its the 7th of December, and I have bought all my christmas presents, wrapped them all and placed them all in their giftbags, woah! I'm usually still out on christmas eve shopping for presents so this year, I am so proud of myself. I only buy for my grandparents and parents, because I am an only child, I don't have siblings to buy for. I have done two main presents and then a tree present for them all, I usually do more, but this month I havent got that much money because I have been going out an socialisng, and having to pay rent, my phone bill, my gym membership :(
Now, whenever I buy presents for someone, I love wrapping the present up, as much as I do buying it, so I always go all out, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, gift tags and gift bags, and this year I battled with card factory to get it all, the queue was all the way to the back of the store, and I almost dropped everything, and then someone tried to jump infront of me in the queue, which I had already been in for about 10minutes at this bought, I can safely say my festive spirit disappeared slightly then. The wrapping paper I bought, was brilliant quality and only 99p a role, the bows and ribbon were 59p for a set (which included 8 mini bows and a roll of ribbon), the gift tags were 39p for 6 and then I got the gift bags from Primark, which were between £1.00 and £1.50.
This is my Grandma's gift bag of presents.


These are they most yummiest chocolates I have ever tried, they were only £3.00 from River Island.

My mum got me this cute door hanger to count down the days until Christmas, I know I am 18, but Christmas still excites me.
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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Party

On Saturday I am going to my works Christmas Party, their is 70 of us going to a posh hotel for a meal and to party, now at work we have all been discussing outfits and I have changed my outfit three times now,  but I have finally got a gorgeous dress and the most stunning shoes, so I literally cannot wait now, I just want to wear my new shoes everywhere. I have decided that I am going to wear my hair up, as my dress has a lace detail on the front and I am going to have quite natural make up, but have gold glittery eyeshadow and coral lipstick.

The lighting was really bad when I took this photo as its the evening, however its s black sheer dress, its a dip hemmed dress, and the top half has three lace panels, its stunning, and looks gorgeous on. I got it from River Island and it was on offer at £25. (here's the think to see a better image: ) 

As my dress is quite classic, I am having gold accessories, I got this stunning beaded clutch bag from New Look, and it was in the sale, only £9.99 and it was originally £19.99, so that was a bargain. 

Unfortunately, some of the beads have come off :( but luckily that will be where I shall be holding the clutch bag, so no-one will know. Now, my shoes. I wanted gold glitter shoes, and I walked into the shoe section of New Look, and these shoes were just there, staring at me, I grabbed my size and instantly tried them on. 

I just love them, they were only £19.99, now I don't usually wear stilettos, because I can't usually walk in them, I am a wedges girl really, but I just had to have these, and because they weren't ridiculously high, I can actually walk in them, which is fantastic, because they go so well with my dress.

I also got this gold diamante bracelet from Debenhams, this was also in the sale at £12.60, I wanted minimal jewellery and I wanted the one bracelet I wear to stand out, and this bracelet definitely does that.

I shall tweet and instagram on Saturday night of my whole outfit altogether, with my hair and make up done before I go out, so make sure you follow me on both to see the finished look.

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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Jumpers.

Every year I spent stupid amounts of money on a brand new outfit for christmas day, however this year I don't have that much money because i've gone all out on presents this year, and I have been going out in the evenings so my money just somehow disappears on alcohol. So I have decided that i'm going to have a christmas jumper for christmas day, to wear with black leggings, a simple, cheap amazing christmas outfit. I loved the christmas jumper I bought so much, that I bought one for my mum and one for my dad, so on chrstmas day we can all have a festive day in out matching jumpers.

I got this christmas pudding jumper from Primark, it was only £12, which I thought for a christmas jumper was pretty cheap.
The three little red berries on the christmas pudding are 3D, its all to cute (:
Oh, and by the way, its 19 days to Christmas.. wahoo..
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Review.

Whilst sat here listening to christmas songs, I thought I would do my review on the new Barry M nail paints. Now, I absolutely love having my nails done, I wish I could have either fake nails all the time and my nails to not get ruined or to have my nails always painted and for them to never chip but unfortuantely neither of them are possible. Therefore I am always trying out many different nail polishes, nail strenghteners and fake nails. I counted all my nail varnishes the other day and I had 52 (slightly obsessive I know). Now, I love gel nails, but hate having to go back to the salon every 2-3 weeks to get them re-done, I heard that ASDA have brought out a 'Gel Nail Kit For Home' which if it wasn't £60 I would happily buy it so I decided to try the Barry M nail paint, I bought it in the colour Blueberry it was only £3.99. Whenever I paint my nails I always apply my Revlon basecoat beforehand and then my Revlon top coat afterwards.

I only needed to apply one coat of base, two coats of the Gelly Hi Shine and then one coat of the top coat, and surprisingly it didn't take too long to dry, it was easy to apply and didn't clump onto my nails but left my nails looking as if they were gel nails, so, so far so good (:

Where I work in retail, and spend my day unpacking delieveries, re-stickering hangers and working stock, painted nails only ever last a day, but this time my nails lasted a week and a half, two days away from two weeks. I was so pleased, the colour looked gorgeous and didn't instantly chip if you just knocked your hand. I think another reason why after so long big clumps just started coming off, was because I had a basecoat on and that just peeled the whole nail off instead of little chips coming off.

My nails after a week and a half
Overall, I loved the colour, loved how my nails looked whilst they were painted and was actually impressed at how long it stayed on for. I would like them to bring out this type of nail varnish in even more colours, as they don't actually have that many in this range :(
Oh, and just quickly, its 20 days until christmas .. wahoo...
Image from
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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Let the festivities begin

Wahoo, its December, first day of December and I spent it working in a shop, woah, it was extremely busy, a sign of what the rest of the month will bring. I have never ran around the store so much in my life. One thing I am pleased with, is that, I only have two christmas presents left to get, somehow I am actually organised, but obviously the best part of it now being December is.. ADVENT CALENDERS... My mum quickly bought me one yesterday because she hadn'y bought me one, I may be 18, but I still want to count down to christmas with a festive chocolate in the morning :) I am going to try and blog every day of this festive month about all things christmassy ..

(image from

My yummy advent calenders, todays chocolate was Father Christmas
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Instagram Diary - Rest of November

To finish of this months blog posts, I thought I would finish of this months Instagrams diary (:

Top Left - My parents both left for work before I had woken up so they left me little notes.
Top Right - I burnt my chin on some boiling hot toffee sauce, so decided to use a hello kitty plaster.
Bottom Left - My bunch of treats for a night in watching Geordie Shore.
Bottom Right - My alarm for when I work earlies.

Top Left - It was a beautiful frosty day, so I left my dad a message on his car.
Top Right - The most gorgeous little cartoon caption I've ever seen, it reminds me of my grandparents.
Bottom Left - My new phone case, which I have done a blogpost on.
Bottom Right - Dreaming I was in Paris again.

Top Left - Alvin and the Chipmunks manicure, I need to get this done.
Top Right - Slight addiction to lip products.
Bottom Left - A quote I will start to live by.
Bottom Right - An adorable little image I saw on

Top Left - Pastel pink, mint and lilac doc martins.
Top Right - It's too late to say your sorry.
Bottom Left - Don't think or judge, just listen.
Bottom Right - May have given in and downloaded One Directions new album, and I am so glad I did, I absolutey love it.

Top Left - I absolutely love jewellery and when I saw this ring and I just stared at the screen, it's gorgeous.
Top Right - An image from the film Up, oh how I wish I could attach balloons to my house.
Bottom Left - Goodbye November
Bottom Right - Hello December.

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