Tuesday, 2 August 2011

tattooing effects

I created both these tattooing effects freehand :)
-the first image is of a sword with a  rose intertwined, I drew this image with black eyeliner and then coloured it with black cake liner, a red tattoo pen and a green tattoo pen.
-the other images are of the oriental half a back tattoo that I designed and produced myself, all freehand. I drew the tattoo in sold black and white, and then re-drew it again in colour to see what it would look like in colour. I then used acetone to transfer my large tattoo design onto my models back, creating the outline, I then use black eyeliner to go back around the outline to darken it, and then used aqua colours to fill the tattoo and finally over powdered with translucent powder to set the large tattoo.. This tattoo took me 3 hours to create on my models back.


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