Tuesday, 2 August 2011

my theatrical make up creations.

all my theatrical make up work, image one and two is a recreation of the make up from the Australian version of CAT's the musical. Image three, is a simple design for a child's face painting. Image four and five is my creation that was inspired by ''the wolf as grandma'' in Little Red Riding Hood. Images six and seven were created to show television drama make up being transformed into theatre make up. Image eight, is a crepe hair beard I created. Images nine, ten and eleven, are images of a aqua mask I painted onto the face and also blocked out the models eyebrows via wax and spirit gum. Image twelve, another mask I painted onto the face, inspired by colour block on the catwalk. Images thirteen and fourteen, is cultural Indian make up, with added wig and scarf. Finally, image fifteen is again cultural Oriental make up, with added wig, gown and fan.


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